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Adjust black/white percentages for cgi receiver normalisation to actually show land...
[ypp-sc-tools.main.git] / pctb / dictionary-update-receiver
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonAdjust black/white percentages for cgi receiver normali...
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonMerge ijackson@chiark:/home/ijackson/things/ypp-sc...
2009-06-23 Ian Jacksoncope better when POST limit exceeded
2009-06-22 Ian Jacksonuse /usr/lib/sendmail
2009-06-22 Ian Jacksondo not throw away errors in uploads (!)
2009-06-21 Ian Jacksonwip upload testing
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonUpdate privacy docs
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary-update-receiver emails again
2009-06-20 Ian Jacksondictionary approver works
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonWIP dictionary updates - wip convert to ssh-remote
2009-06-20 Ian JacksonRename yppsc-parsedb-updatereceiver to dictionary-updat...