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Introduction to YARRG

@@ -66,15 +69,15 @@ website.

Uploading from Linux

The YARRG upload client uploads both to YARRG and to the -PCTB testing server. +PCTB testing server.

The current official version of YARRG for use as an upload client can browsed here: - http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ijackson/ypp-sc-tools/master/ + http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ijackson/ypp-sc-tools/master/ See particularly the -YARRG README. +YARRG README.

To install the client, install the `git' version control system @@ -87,7 +90,9 @@ cd yarrg make this will download the code into the directory ypp-sc-tools, -and build the software. +and build the software. (If your Linux is very up to date you may +find that it complains that it doesn't know the command git-core. +In that case, use git core, with a space, instead.)

@@ -98,45 +103,18 @@ git-pull cd yarrg make -to fetch the new version. +to fetch the new version. (Again, you may need git pull +instead of git-pull.)

Uploading from Windows

There is not currently an upload client for Windows which feeds data into YARRG. It would probably be straightforward to modify the -Windows PCTB v5 upload client to upload to YARRG as well. The -mechanism and format for uploading is documented in -README.devel. - -

YARRG development, contribution and troubleshooting

- -

Free Software (aka Open Source)

- -YARRG is Free Software - you may share and modify it. See the -licences for details. - -

- -Not only the client but also the webserver code is Free. The website -code can be found in the same tree as above, in the web -directory. - -

- -But in case we have made changes but not yet pushed them -(perhaps because we haven't done a release), and to make it easy for -anyone else who runs a copy of the website to provide everyone with -the source for their version, the website code itself lets you download -an up-to-date tarball of its -actually-running source code. +Windows PCTB v5 upload client to upload to YARRG as well.

-If you would like to run a (perhaps modified) copy of the YARRG -website it would be very easy for us to make our system send you -copies of updates submitted by users of the official YARRG client, in -the format expected by the code you'll be running. Please just ask -us. +See our Developers' information page.

Contacting the YARRG developers

@@ -144,4 +122,4 @@ Email Ian Jackson ijackson (at) chiark.greenend.org.uk. Or talk to any Fleet Officer or above of the crew Special Circumstances on the Midnight Ocean. -<& footer, isdocs => 1 &> +<& footer &>