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Introduction to YARRG

YARRG (Yet Another Revenue Research Gatherer) is a third-party tool for helping find profitable trades and trade routes in Yohoho Puzzle Pirates. It was inspired by PCTB.

The system has two main parts: this website which maintains a searchable database of commodity prices, and an upload client, which screenscrapes the commodity data from the Puzzle Pirates game client and uploads it to the database.

Market prices database

The lookup page gives access to the uploaded data; there is also documentation to help with using that website.

Uploading from Linux

The YARRG upload client uploads both to YARRG and to the PCTB testing server.

The current official version of YARRG for use as an upload client can browsed here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ijackson/ypp-sc-tools/master/ See particularly the YARRG README.

To install the client, install the `git' version control system and the other dependencies listed in the `Installation requirements' section of the README and then run:

git-clone http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ijackson/ypp-sc-tools/master/.git ypp-sc-tools
cd ypp-sc-tools
cd yarrg
this will download the code into the directory ypp-sc-tools, and build the software. (If your Linux is very up to date you may find that it complains that it doesn't know the command git-core. In that case, use git core, with a space, instead.)

When new versions of the upload client are released, you can:

cd .../ypp-sc-tools
cd yarrg
to fetch the new version. (Again, you may need git pull instead of git-pull.)

Uploading from Windows

There is not currently an upload client for Windows which feeds data into YARRG. It would probably be straightforward to modify the Windows PCTB v5 upload client to upload to YARRG as well.

See our Developers' information page.

Contacting the YARRG developers

Email Ian Jackson ijackson (at) chiark.greenend.org.uk. Or talk to any Fleet Officer or above of the crew Special Circumstances on the Midnight Ocean. <& footer &>