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Correct bugs in new AA table cell structure parsing
[ypp-sc-tools.db-test.git] / pctb /
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonCorrect bugs in new AA table cell structure parsing
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonUse .tmp for temporary files and write-then-rename
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonshow instance in upload emails
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonshow extent of character updates
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: dictionary-update-receive...
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonMake entry/cursor box always be on screen. Move variou...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: dictionary-manager prompt...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: seems to handle it in...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonif -Drect and -Dcallout, make dictionary-manager print...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: canonimage has 0..AAMAXVAL
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: canonimage has 0..7
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'twomack'
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonNew inline function ri_rgb; introduce typedef for rgb...
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonStore full-colour image with every screenshot
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonswap require_rectangle_r and require_rectangle so we...
2009-07-03 Tom WomackCompile fixes for amd64 according to Ian
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonmention --upload at top of README
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksoncan upload
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonMerge /u/ijackson/things/ypp-sc-tools
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonMake charset approval work again
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonshorten upload message
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonactually uploads
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonNew newcommods machinery for ignoring new commodities
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonrun rsync -z for downloads of dictionaries
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonRecognise single page even with --same
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonSet page0_rgbimage when taking many screenshots
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonFix up --same --upload thing to only apply to --same
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonapproval works
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonDo not allow --same --upload without --test-servers
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonmore flexible approval UI
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksoninvoke ssh with compression on
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonfix syntax error
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonWIP upload
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonLeave PCTB server text in #upload-1#.html
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonfactor out get_arches_islands
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonWant variable installation setup
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonrename dictionary-pixmap-options to database-info-fetch
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonReflect new filenames in README
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonClean up some obsolete and test files
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonDo not clean #pages#.ppm or $(TARGETS) unless "make...
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonAdjust black/white percentages for cgi receiver normali...
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksondo not try to rsync new pixmap if dict-local-only
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonPrint files we're rsyncinging
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksondictionary addition locally works
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonPermit matching Upper in mid of word
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonmore feedback on context
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonkeyboard shortcuts for set match context
2009-07-03 Ian JacksonClarify the README.charset a bit
2009-07-02 Ian JacksonNew --show-charset mode
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonWIP new context definition.
2009-07-01 Ian Jacksonbreak out char_start_define_text into a proc
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonFactor out some common code in RETURN_RESULT into retur...
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonPass and use possible as well as actual contexts
2009-07-01 Ian Jacksonwip new ctxmap passing
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonAdjust match context radiobutton states
2009-07-01 Ian JacksonRemove magic numbers from cell type contexts
2009-06-30 Ian Jacksonswap ct_Word and ct_Lower to make Word be default when...
2009-06-30 Ian Jacksonshow radiobuttons for context
2009-06-30 Ian Jacksonwip matching context selection
2009-06-30 Ian Jacksonmake --edit-charset required again
2009-06-30 Ian JacksonFixups to new Upper/Lower/Digit/Word ocr arrangements...
2009-06-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'origin'
2009-06-29 Ian JacksonNew Word dictionary and new disambiguation algorithm
2009-06-29 Ian JacksonRecase findchar_unique as findchar
2009-06-29 Ian Jacksonfactor out findchar_unique so we can replace it conditional
2009-06-29 Ian JacksonPack findchar's args into a struct
2009-06-29 Ian JacksonReorganise ocr(), breaking out findchar() and putting...
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonWIP upload setisland
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonExport island
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonTODO item for charset rethink
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonin-building find island works
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonwip upload fixes
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonSpeed is OK now and it runs inside VNC on liberator
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonLook deeper in window tree for YPP client
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonFaster, by more in-bulk processing of incoming pixels
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonFaster, by cacheing last colour
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonBetter message for incomprehensible displays
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonWIP new retry-based pager
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonadjust code from abandon.stability e19af2579b9619071d17...
2009-06-27 Ian Jacksonshow shm details
2009-06-27 Ian Jacksonshow time taken by XGetImage, too
2009-06-27 Ian Jacksonspeed problems
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonDo not print out p.y uninitialised in error message
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonShow begin of XShmGetImage
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonShow whether shm is on
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonProperly wait for /w output to appear
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksonabbreviate stall types; allow some commod-results-proce...
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonEnable entry of strings with spaces in
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonFix page number printing bug
2009-06-26 Ian Jackson/w answer delay needed
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksonneed to abbreviate stall types
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonDecombobulate island names in building screen (/w)
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonAhoy widget foreground
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonCope with big fonts and commodities
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksononboard ship island name horizontal trim
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonFix stupid black image bug; various other minor fixes
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksonmention need to turn off antialias
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksonsupply OCEAN env var more often; turn on single page...
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksondo not read out of range bits of the image
2009-06-24 Ian Jacksonanother bug