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Laxer identification for subpixel antialiasing
[ypp-sc-tools.db-test.git] / pctb / structure.c
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonLaxer identification for subpixel antialiasing
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonUse fixed point arithmetic in find_aa_density
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonReverse order of samples in Rgb and other optimisations
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonAdjust colours early so that we don't have to keep...
2009-07-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson'
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonpage with the mouse to avoid the silly page-back-to... 1.9.4
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonWhen setting focus on commodities, always use top left...
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonCope if very few commodities on screen. Use ADJUST_BOX...
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonCope with islands with names ending in y, from land
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonDiscard obsolete 1U<<31 from colon searcher
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksoncope with subpixel antialiasing (urgh) 1.9.3
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonconstify CanonImage->rgb and make a copy in find_islandname
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonproperly initialise blues in canonicalisation table
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonDo not mention bpp in mustfail1 since we check it ourse...
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonUse find_aa_density for colon detection
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonfixes to find_aa_density: MUST failures print p, deal...
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonDon't put quotes around MF output
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksonsplit out find_aa_density
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonNew colour canonification based on tree
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonCope with AA island name on land
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonFix Ahoy! recognition; make ADJUST_BOX take an OP argument
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonmention that screenshots file must be noraw
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksondo not attempt to parse the shoppe tab
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonCorrect range brackets for antialias to integer graymap...
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'clareb'
2009-07-04 ClareFix max aa channel deviation [-iwj]
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonImprove some messages
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonCorrect bugs in new AA table cell structure parsing
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: seems to handle it in...
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: canonimage has 0..AAMAXVAL
2009-07-04 Ian Jacksonantialiasing text conversion: canonimage has 0..7
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'twomack'
2009-07-04 Ian JacksonStore full-colour image with every screenshot
2009-07-03 Ian Jacksonswap require_rectangle_r and require_rectangle so we...
2009-07-03 Tom WomackCompile fixes for amd64 according to Ian
2009-06-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'origin'
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonin-building find island works
2009-06-28 Ian Jacksonwip upload fixes
2009-06-28 Ian JacksonBetter message for incomprehensible displays
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonDo not print out p.y uninitialised in error message
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonProperly wait for /w output to appear
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonDecombobulate island names in building screen (/w)
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonAhoy widget foreground
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonCope with big fonts and commodities
2009-06-26 Ian Jacksononboard ship island name horizontal trim
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonMerge ijackson@chiark:/home/ijackson/things/ypp-sc...
2009-06-23 Ian JacksonRename Ship pixmap option to Vessel
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonPrivacy control UI
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonWIP new dictionary arrangements
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP identify island; Strip radar island name background
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP identify island; Can show radar island image WIP
2009-06-17 Ian JacksonWIP identify island; Can update pixmaps.txt properly...
2009-06-15 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of ijackson@chiark:things/ypp...
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; can recognise a pixmap!
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; pixmap handling in progress
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; rename rawimage etc. to rgbimage
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; before work on lookup_rgbrect
2009-06-14 Ian JacksonWIP island determination; generalise ADJUST
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonMore characters; typo
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksoncommodity check works
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonWIP check commodity, before delete pixel searcher
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksoncope with the way the chat log scrolls too
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonCope with very small commodity lists.
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonOutput processing.
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksoncopyright messages
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonMuch better error handling.
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksonprogress printing and bugfixing and build system improv...
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksonbetter progress indication
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonbefore special kerning thing
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonmuch fixes for new arrangements
2009-06-06 Ian JacksonWIP actual useful structure