Profitable trades <%perl> my $sth=$dbh->prepare( "SELECT commods.commodname, sell_islands.islandname,sell_stalls.stallname,sell.price,sell.qty, buy_islands.islandname,buy_stalls.stallname,buy.price,buy.qty FROM commods JOIN buy on commods.commodid=buy.commodid JOIN sell on commods.commodid=sell.commodid JOIN islands as buy_islands on buy.islandid = buy_islands.islandid JOIN stalls as buy_stalls on buy.stallid = buy_stalls.stallid JOIN islands as sell_islands on sell.islandid = sell_islands.islandid JOIN stalls as sell_stalls on sell.stallid = sell_stalls.stallid WHERE buy.islandid like '36' and sell.islandid like '5' and buy.price > sell.price "); $sth->execute(); <& dumptable, sth => $sth &> <%init> use CommodsWeb; my $dbh= dbw_connect('Cerulean');