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proper error reporting of post requests incl. to yarrg
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2010-09-04 Ian Jacksonproper error reporting of post requests incl. to yarrg
2010-09-04 Ian Jacksonrename com.myjavatools.web to net.chiark.yarrg
2010-09-04 Ian Jacksonshow pctb server's html if things don't go well
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonpctb upload: Print and throw an error if there are...
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonpctb upload: _Do_ print a message to stderr (which...
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonpctb upload: actually look at the right XML tag for...
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonreenable pctb uploads with new PCTB protocol version...
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonuse a clientfixes value that actually works 0.9.7
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonadvertise a "fix" which is us not breaking pctb 0.9.6
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksondisable pctb uploads for now as they are broken 0.9.5
2010-08-24 Ian JacksonUse real baked-in version for our version when uploadin...
2010-08-24 Ian JacksonRemove import of obsolete com.tedpearson.util.update.*
2010-08-24 Ian Jacksonget rid of code for obsolete "launchAtStartup" pref
2010-08-24 Ian Jacksonfix up comments for the way things are now, and update...
2010-08-24 Owen S. DunnGet rid of the installer nonsense.
2009-12-22 Owen S. DunnFix latch bug.
2009-12-22 Owen S. DunnFix shipboard uploading nullpointerexception
2009-12-06 Owen DunnInitial commit of Yarrg code