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ignore new jarrg output files
[jarrg-ian.git] / build-sh
2010-09-04 Ian Jacksonrename: jpctb -> jarrg
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonprint revision in output from build-sh 0.9.8
2010-08-27 Ian Jacksonadd "-local" to version string when tree is locally...
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonRemove ControlPanel.class too as it seems not to get...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksontry to hit the build over the head to get the version...
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonVersion numbers are only baked-in now, not in filename
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonCreate src/com/tedpearson/ypp/market/ autom...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonuse gzip --rsyncable
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonactually discover if builds break
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonfix new build script
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonnew build script