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descriptionthe story of a robot who must find a kitten
ownerThomas Thurman
last changeSun, 21 Nov 2010 16:34:56 +0000
2010-11-21 Thomas Thurmanfix specfile by hand (ick) master
2010-11-21 Thomas Thurmanrm extension from Icon line in .desktop file
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmanscript to build RPM under MeeGo
2010-11-20 Thomas ThurmanSource file for Specify
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmanseed random number generator; show window maximised
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmaninstall targets
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmanadd window title; show maximised
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmanspectacle file
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmandesktop file
2010-11-20 Thomas Thurmansome MeeGo icons
2010-11-19 Thomas ThurmanMerge branch 'debianise'
2010-11-15 Thomas Thurmanset TARGET correctly
2010-11-15 Thomas Thurmanuse Q_UNUSED
2010-11-15 Thomas Thurmanfixes to debianisation
2010-10-31 Thomas Thurmanskeleton for vibration origin/HEAD origin/master
2010-10-31 Thomas Thurmannon-kitten items are added to resources
3 years ago master