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Analog 5.91beta1: What's new in this version?

This section lists the major new features in each version of analog. There's also another section about how to upgrade from older versions of analog, listing which commands have changed or been abolished, or how the output of this version differs from that of previous versions.
5.91beta1 (23-Aug-03)
Reads zip and bzip2 logfiles without the need for an UNCOMPRESS command.
Automatically strips ;params section from URLs (for example, jsessionid's).
Recognises Windows Server 2003 in the Operating System Report.
First user-contributed style sheets added to examples/css directory.
Computer-readable output style now forces English output.
More corrections to XML output style.
Patches for OpenVMS and RISC OS.
Basque language files.
Country code .cs, formerly Czechoslovakia, is now Serbia and Montenegro. (Changed in English, French and German domains files, and removed from other domains files).
Corrections to Swedish and Ukrainian language files, and to German domains files.
5.90beta2 (10-Apr-03)
Internal Search reports now work properly on case-insensitive file systems.
Various bug fixes and improvements to XHTML and XML output styles.
New command CSSPREFIX to add a prefix to the CSS class names used in the XHTML output.
XML DTD distributed with the program.
Language files for Simplified Chinese.
5.90beta1 (30-Mar-03)
This is the first beta test for version 6.
Output code completely rewritten, to permit more output formats.
New output formats XHTML and XML. (Thanks to Per Jessen for XML, and to Jeremy Wadsack for help with XHTML).
XHTML is now the default output style.
The barcharts are now made from png's not gif's by default.
New command LOGOURL.
What was new in version 5?
What was new in version 4?
What was new in version 3?
What was new in version 2?
What was new in version 1?

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Stephen Turner
23 August 2003

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