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Analog 5.90beta2: Introduction

Analog is a program which analyses logfiles from WWW servers. It works on almost any operating system. It is designed to be fast and to produce accurate and attractive statistics: and combined with Report Magic, you can generate even prettier reports. It's free software.

Although analog is free software, its usage, distribution and modification are covered by a licence. You must agree to the terms of the licence before using the program. In particular, it comes with no warranty. Note that this is a beta version, and so is expected to contain bugs!

Although analog is free, if you like it, please consider making a donation towards its development. Thank you.

This Readme describes analog 5.90beta2. This is a beta test for version 6. For the latest stable or beta version of analog, see the analog home page. For examples of the output see

This Readme is split into several pages. Beginners should start with the licence followed by the section on Starting to use analog.

You can navigate through the Readme by using the links within each page or the choices at the top and bottom of each page. There is also a map showing the layout of the whole Readme, and an index page. For reading off line, or for printing, you can find a one-page version of the Readme on my site. (NB It's over 400kb long!)

You might also find the How-To's helpful; these are descriptions by other authors of how to use analog for particular tasks.

Now you can go to

Go to the analog home page.

Stephen Turner
10 April 2003

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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