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Analog 5.31: Starting to use analog

The only thing you need to run analog is to be able to read the logfiles which are produced by your web server. If you don't know what these logfiles are and where to find them, contact your internet service provider (ISP) or system administrator. Analog doesn't write the logfiles: it only reads them.

If you log in to your ISP's machine from your home machine, you have two options. If you have the right permissions, you can run analog on your ISP's machine. Otherwise, you can download (e.g., ftp) the logfiles from their machine to yours, and then run analog on your machine.

Once you've downloaded the right version of analog for your computer from the analog home page (or a mirror site), you need to know how to set it up and run it. This is very easy, but the instructions are slightly different depending which platform you're using.

If you can't manage to set up analog after reading the instructions, send a message to the analog-help mailing list.

Go to the analog home page.

Stephen Turner
11 January 2003

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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