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Analog 5.22: What's new in this version?

This section lists the major new features in each version of analog. There's also another section about how to upgrade from older versions of analog, listing which commands have changed or been abolished, or how the output of this version differs from that of previous versions.
5.22 (20-Mar-02)
Security fix for cross-site scripting security bug.
Upgraded zlib code to version 1.1.4 (although analog wasn't vulnerable to the security bug in zlib 1.1.3).
The PROGRESSFREQ messages now go to the screen as well as to the ERRFILE.
The second argument to SUBDOMAIN can now contain *'s and $'s.
Added eight new domains to many of the domains files.
Revised Japanese language files.
5.21 (20-Feb-02)
Corrected the MacHTTP log format, which didn't work in 5.2.
All the BARSTYLEs redrawn, and two new BARSTYLEs added, adapted from an idea by Dave Holle. (You will have to move the new graphics into your IMAGEDIR in order to use them.)
5.2 (13-Feb-02)
You can now plot the lower levels of hierarchical reports on the pie charts by using the new CHARTEXPAND family of commands.
Added MACHTTP to the list of built-in log formats that analog recognises automatically.
Recognises ; as well as & as query-string separator.
The rules for generating "organisations" from numerical addresses have changed.
Filenames given on the command line are now relative to the current directory, not the analog directory.
Ignores completely blank lines at the top of a logfile.
Makefiles for Microsoft Visual C++ can be found in the new src/build directory. Makefiles for other platforms have moved out of the source tree into there too.
You can now refer to kilobytes as kibibytes by editing your language file.
Revised versions of Japanese language files.
Revised the Licence.
Advertised new donations page.
5.1 (07-Nov-01)
The Browser Summary now recognises the Konqueror and Galeon browsers, and distinguishes Mozilla and Netscape. (If you are using a configuration file from an older version of analog, you need to remove one line.)
The Operating System Report now recognises Windows XP.
Numerical addresses are now included in the Organisation Report.
Logfile and cache file names can now contain date codes, in the same way as the OUTFILE.
The person setting up the form interface can now specify a list of allowed commands, rather than a list of forbidden commands.
The LATEX output style now works with the ISO-Latin-2 character set as well as ISO-Latin-1. New command PDFLATEX.
New LOGFORMAT token %Z for two- or four-digit years.
In the COMPSEP, you can now use \t to represent a tab.
New warnings category G; some warnings reclassified.
Various small bugs fixed. Also there is some rewriting internally, but it should be transparent to the user.
The Windows executable has been compiled using MinGW instead of Microsoft Visual C++.
Finnish translation, and corrections to German and Serbian. Brazilian Portuguese report descriptions files.
5.03 (07-Jul-01)
Bug fixes, including one bug that caused a crash under Windows.
Spanish translation, and corrections to SWEDISH-ALT translation.
5.02 (23-Jun-01)
Understands the new IIS log format with four-digit years.
Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese language files.
Japanese is now available in four character sets.
Four language files which were already distributed with the program are now available through the LANGUAGE command: BULGARIAN-MIK (MIK-16 charset), CZECH-1250 and SLOVENE-1250 (Windows-1250), and SWEDISH-ALT (alternative translation avoiding Anglicisms).
5.01 (19-May-01)
New command PNGIMAGES.
New token "PLAIN:" in ALIAS commands.
Unix man page included in source distribution.
New example configuration file examples/bigbyrep.cfg.
A few small bug fixes.
Italian report descriptions files; corrections to German language files.
5.0 (01-May-01)
How-To's introduced.
Wildcards now allowed in LOGFILE names from the form interface.
UNCOMPRESS now works on filenames with spaces in, and other small bug fixes.
Makefiles and build scripts for OpenVMS.
This version is available in 24 languages: Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, US English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian (Bokmål & Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
4.91beta1 (10-Apr-01)
Output EXCLUDEs are now more fully excluded, producing significant changes in results.
New JPEGCHARTS command (only available if you compile analog yourself, with your own libgd).
New mailing list instructions to include subscriptions over the web, and the digest version of the analog-help list.
Mac version decompresses pkzip and bzip2 logfiles.
Ports to Mac OS X (Carbon) and IBM OS/390.
Pie charts work with EBCDIC character sets; and other improved EBCDIC support.
Wildcards in LOGFILE directories now work under more Unices.
The one-page version of the documentation, whole.html, is no longer distributed with the program. (It's still available at my site.)
This version is available in 21 languages: Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, English, US English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian (Bokmål & Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
4.90beta4 (26-Mar-01)
Wildcards in directory names in LOGFILE commands now work under Unix. (Thanks to Owen Cliffe for this code.)
The CHARTDIR and LOCALCHARTDIR can now contain date codes, in the same way as the OUTFILE.
My own configuration file included in the examples directory.
This version is available in sixteen languages: Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, English, US English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovene, Swedish and Ukrainian.
4.90beta3 (13-Feb-01)
Security fix for buffer overflow bug.
4.90beta2 (05-Feb-01)
The pie charts are now easier to read, and work properly in non-European character sets.
*.asp is no longer included in the default definition of "pages". (See how to upgrade).
The computer-readable output style now gives the REPORTSPANs.
On Unix, now follows symlinks when finding the name of the analog binary to construct other filenames.
Various other minor bug fixes from 4.90beta1.
This version is available in nine languages: Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, English, US English, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Ukrainian.
4.90beta1 (22-Jan-01)
This is the first beta test for version 5.
In addition, version 4.14 was also released on the same date, and this version includes all its changes.
This version is only available in English and US English.
What was new in version 4?
What was new in version 3?
What was new in version 2?
What was new in version 1?

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Stephen Turner
20 March 2002

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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