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Analog 5.2: Acknowledgements

Many people have helped me with analog, and I can't thank them all specifically. But I do appreciate everyone who's given me feedback or sent me bug reports.

Thanks are due to the author of getstats, Kevin Hughes. In the days before analog there were only three serious logfile analysis programs, and only one of them, getstats, had attractive output. I wrote analog when getstats stopped being able to cope with the size of our logfile, but my output still looks somewhat similar to his.

Thanks are also due to all those who helped in the early stages of writing this program, and gave me the encouragement to continue with analog and to release it publicly. Those who made helpful suggestions during the first few weeks of the program are numerous, but I must mention particularly Dan Anderson, Martyn Johnson, Joe Ramey, Chris Ritson, Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Dave Stanworth. Above all Gareth McCaughan gave me lots of programming advice. The early versions of the program would have run much more slowly without him.

For six years, analog's home page was at the University of Cambridge Statistical Laboratory. Now it is provided by SourceForge. niccx.com donated the address analog.cx, and Takayuki Matsuki of Tokyo Kasei University and Peter Gradwell of gradwell dot com ltd provide DNS services. Many other people have provided mirror sites for analog, starting with Dave Stanworth (again!). The full list of mirror sites is listed elsewhere; thanks to all of them. Thanks also to Ian Jackson for providing the FTP and rsync sites for the mirror sites to mirror from. And thanks to ISite for providing the mailing lists, James Herrmann for administering them, and The Mail Archive for archiving the analog-help list.

Mark Roedel first suggested porting analog to different platforms, and made the original DOS port. Shortly afterwards, Jason Linhart made the Mac port, and has continued to contribute lots of extra code for that platform and for the program in general. The Mac version also includes code contributed by Stephan Somogyi and Nigel Perry. Later ports were made by Dave Jones, Martin Zinser & Rick Dyson (OpenVMS), Magnus Hagander (Win32), Ivan Martinez (OS/2), Nick Smith (Acorn RiscOS), Scott Tadman (BeOS), Thomas Engel (NeXTSTEP), Martin Kraemer & Holger Schranz (BS2000/OSD, including EBCDIC support), and Hideyuki Yahagi (AS/400). Thank you also to the people who make precompiled versions available for various platforms.

The regular expression parsing is taken from Philip Hazel's PCRE library. The graphics use Thomas Boutell's gd library, the libpng library, and the zlib library by Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler. The zlib library is also used for logfile decompression on the Mac. Each of these libraries is subject to its own copyright and licensing conditions: PCRE licence, gd licence, libpng licence, zlib licence. If EBCDIC is defined at compile time, then this product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/) (licence). If NEED_MEMMOVE is defined at compile time, then this product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors (licence).

The form interface is based on an idea by James Dean Palmer. The code to expand wildcards in directory names under Unix is by Owen Cliffe. Thanks to all the other people who have contributed bits of code too: I apologise for not having room to name all of them.

Thanks also to those who have written helper applications, for making analog more usable, and to those who have written How-To's, for sharing their experience of how to use analog in practical situations. And thanks to Alexander Toth for the Unix man page.

Many people have volunteered to translate analog into their own languages. Many thanks to the following who have contributed in this way over the years: Tigran Nazarian (Armenian), Emir Alikadic (Bosnian), Luchezar Georgiev (Bulgarian), Francesc Rocher, M. Mercè Llauge, Francesc Burrull i Mestres & Jordi Vidal (Catalan), Yang Meng (Simplified Chinese), Andrew Choi & Tzu-hsien Yu (Traditional Chinese), Tomo Sombolac (Croatian), Jan Simek & Karel Fajkus (Czech), Adrian Price (Danish), Ferry van het Groenewoud, Joost Baaij, Dimitry Smagghe, Bert Hiddink & Frank Fesevur (Dutch), Henrik Huhtinen, Steve Kelly, Andrew Staples, Mikko Silvonen & Juha Ojaniemi (Finnish), Patrice Lafont, Lucien Vieira, Jean-Marc Coursimault, Lionel Delaude & Gordon Macpherson (French), Mario Ellebrecht, Martin Kraemer, Holger Schranz, Thomas Jacob, Thomas Frings, Georg Schwarz & Ralf Döring (German), Dimitris Xenakis (Greek), Laszlo Nemeth & Andras Kemeny (Hungarian), Gustaf Gustafsson & Valberg Larusson (Icelandic), Furio Ercolessi, Luca Andreucci, Alessio Bragadini & Marco Bernardini (Italian), Takayuki Matsuki, Stephen Obenski, Motonobu Takahashi, Kaori Chikenji & Kazuto Ishigaki (Japanese), Byungkwan Kim & InChang Oh (Korean), Jurijs Turjanskis & Anda Bimbere (Latvian), Ingrid (Lithuanian), Jan-Aage Bruvoll, Espen Bjarnø & Pål Løberg (Norwegian Bokmål), Magni Onsøien & Trond Øksendal (Norwegian Nynorsk), Wlodek Lapot, Tomek Wozniak & Marcin Sochacki (Polish), Ivan Martinez, Paulino Michelazzo & Ronan Lucio Pereira (Brazilian Portuguese), Jaime Carvalho e Silva (European Portuguese), Alex Mihaila (Romanian), San Sanych Timofeev, Boris Litvinenko & Vyacheslav Nikitich (Russian), Mile Peric (Serbian), Stefan Billik (Slovak), Andrej Zizmond & Dalibor Cvijetinoviè (Slovene), Javier Solis, Alexander Velasquez, Alfredo Sola, Martin Perez, Nelson Tactuk, Javier Kohan & J. L. García (Spanish), Björn Malmberg, Frank Osterberg, Wesley Schaal & Christian Rose (Swedish), Nezih Erkman & Dikran Diragormacioglu (Turkish), and Yaroslav Boychuk (Ukrainian).

Finally, thanks to all of you for using the program!

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Stephen Turner
13 February 2002

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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