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Analog 4.90beta3: What's new in this version?

This section lists the major new features in each version of analog. There's also another section about how to upgrade from older versions of analog, listing which commands have changed or been abolished, or how the output of this version differs from that of previous versions.
4.90beta3 (13-Feb-01)
Security fix for buffer overflow bug.
4.90beta2 (05-Feb-01)
The pie charts now work properly in non-European character sets.
*.asp is no longer included in the default definition of "pages". (See how to upgrade).
The computer-readable output style now gives the REPORTSPANs.
On Unix, now follows symlinks when finding the name of the analog binary to construct other filenames.
Various other minor bug fixes from 4.90beta1.
This version is available in Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, English, US English, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Ukrainian.
4.90beta1 (22-Jan-01)
This is the first beta test for version 5.
In addition, version 4.14 was also released on the same date, and this version includes all its changes.
This version is only available in English and US English.
What was new in version 4?
What was new in version 3?
What was new in version 2?
What was new in version 1?

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Stephen Turner
13 February 2001

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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