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Analog 4.15: Customising analog

This is the bulk of the Readme. It tells you all the commands you can give to analog, and what they all do. First there's a list of which is as much as beginners need to read, until they want to do something which isn't listed there, or are curious to find out what they could do.

The following section is a technical (i.e., dull but important) one on the

Then there's documentation on all the configuration commands in the following categories. Analog has over 200 configuration commands and over 40 command line options, so sometimes these sections turn into lists of commands. But here's where you find out everything you can do with analog.

Later there's an index of all the commands and topics, and also a quick reference containing the syntax of all the commands and examples.

Go to the analog home page.

Stephen Turner
01 February 2001

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