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Analog 4.14: What's new in this version?

This section lists the major new features in each version of analog. There's also another section about how to upgrade from older versions of analog, listing which commands have changed or been abolished, or how the output of this version differs from that of previous versions.
4.14 (22-Jan-01)
Can do a FLOOR beyond Terabytes.
OS X & MPE/iX ports.
Bug fixes, especially for multibyte character sets.
Unprintable characters in the report are now replaced by '?'.
Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, US English and corrected French domains files.
Rewrote the documentation on Cache files. Added some new data to How the Web Works.
4.13 (11-Oct-00)
Corrected infelicity in compilation procedure.
4.12 (05-Oct-00)
Recognises Windows Me for Operating System Report.
Can count beyond Terabytes.
PCRE code upgraded to version 3.4.
AS/400 port. Patches to compile cleanly on Cygwin and 64-bit Solaris.
Bulgarian and Croatian language files. Catalan and Finnish domains files.
Various bug fixes.
New Licence (mostly less restrictive than the previous one).
4.11 (31-May-00)
The default definition of "pages" is now case insensitive, and also includes *.asp.
Reads the extended logs from IIS 5 correctly.
Version number displayed before any warning or debugging messages.
The "number of days" at the top of the report now obeys DECPOINT (and is also now to 2 decimal places).
Improved OpenVMS build procedure.
Hungarian and Romanian language files, and corrected Spanish language files and English domains files.
Italian and Spanish form interfaces.
The FAQ now has a list of contents.
4.1 (30-Mar-00)
Regular expressions in ALIASes and INCLUDEs are now available on all platforms.
Regular expressions are now Perl-syntax regular expressions. (Thanks to Philip Hazel's PCRE library.)
"Repeated fields" in logfile header lines are now allowed.
New output style PLAIN (like ASCII but with accents). New language files for this.
In the computer-readable output, hierarchical reports now have an extra column, indicating the depth of the item in the hierarchy.
All referrers now count as "pages." (See upgrade notes.)
Configuration commands can be continued across lines with a backslash.
New token %s in LOGFORMAT, allowing per-line selection of client-name and client-IP fields.
New log format WEBSTAR-EXTENDED to allow for a small bug in WebSTAR's implementation of the extended log format.
Korean language files. Also alternative Swedish translation.
4.04 (21-Mar-00)
The analog home page has moved to www.analog.cx
New column d in non-time reports.
The RUNTIME command now turns off the "Program started at" line as well as the "Running Time" line.
Non-alphanumeric characters are now allowed in the REPORTORDER as separators.
Correctly parses more APACHELOGFORMATs.
Better detection of Windows 2000 in Operating System Report.
Better warning messages when the erroneous command contains a space.
Code for NeXTSTEP operating system.
Better treatment of multibyte character sets.
Icelandic language files. Corrections to Bosnian, French, Italian, Japanese & Swedish.
4.03 (21-Feb-00)
Fixed several small bugs.
New command RUNTIME.
Brazilian Portuguese language files and Swedish domains files. Corrections to Dutch.
4.02 (31-Jan-00)
Support for Apache's new %q code in APACHELOGFORMAT.
Fix for search reports causing crashes on Windows.
New language: Czech. Corrections for Serbian, Slovene and Ukrainian.
4.01 (17-Dec-99)
New command USERCASE.
Some of the default paths have changed in anlghead.h.
Improvements to OpenVMS port.
Language files included for Armenian, Bosnian, Catalan, traditional Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish & Ukrainian; corrections to Russian & Turkish.
4.0 (16-Nov-99)
Simplified Chinese, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese & Serbian language files included.
Otherwise only small changes since 3.90beta2.
3.90beta2 (02-Nov-99)
It is now recommended that you don't run analog as a CGI program for security reasons. (The CGI command is still present, but it is now not documented.)
The Organisation Report is now hierarchical.
The Browser Summary is now arranged by major version number. (See notes on upgrading.)
Non-exact bytes are now given to 3 decimal places.
GOTOS FEW puts the "Go To" lines just at the top and bottom of the output.
PRINTVARS has been renamed SETTINGS.
-settings output improved, especially with OUTPUT NONE.
Includes language files for French, Greek, Norwegian (Bokmål & Nynorsk), Polish, Russian and Turkish.
New configuration file examples/big.cfg containing most commands.
3.90beta1 (07-Oct-99)
First beta test for version 4. The most important new features are: Note: most languages don't work in this beta-test version, but should be added again by version 4. (The language files are included in the distribution, but contain lots of English strings).
What was new in version 3?
What was new in version 2?
What was new in version 1?

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Stephen Turner
22 January 2001

Need help with analog? Use the analog-help mailing list.

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