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Readme for analog3.32

Upgrading from earlier versions

This section lists those commands which existed in older versions of analog, but which have been changed or abolished in this version. It also lists reasons why the same input might now produce different output. The new features in this version are listed in the section What's new in this version?.

Upgrading from 3.3 and earlier

Upgrading from 3.2 and earlier

Upgrading from 3.11 and earlier

Upgrading from 3.0, Win32 form interface

Upgrading from 2.90beta1

Upgrading from 2.11 and earlier

Upgrading from 2.0, Win32 users

Upgrading from 1.92 and earlier, Mac users

Upgrading from 1.9beta's

Upgrading from 1.2's and earlier

Stephen Turner
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