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Readme for analog3.32

The domains file

The domains file tells analog which country is represented by each domain. You can tell analog where to find your domains file with a command like
DOMAINSFILE lang/mydomains.tab
Normally you don't need this command, because if there is a domains file in your language, it should be selected automatically. But the DOMAINSFILE command can be useful if you want to use a domains file in a new language, for example.

If you haven't got a domains file, you can download one from http://www.statslab.cam.ac.uk/~sret1/analog/ukdom.tab. It should contain each domain code followed by its location on a new line, thus:

ad   Andorra
ae   United Arab Emirates
It does not need to be in alphabetical order, though humans may prefer it that way.

If you want HTML special characters in the domains file, you have to precede them with a backslash, like this:

am   Arm\énie

Only domains which occur in the domains file will get their own line in the Domain Report: the rest are probably spurious, and will be accumulated together as "unknown domains". If you have debugging turned on, you can see which domains were unknown.

Stephen Turner
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