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2013-11-24 Mark WoodingNo longer serving or
2013-09-03 Mark WoodingNew domain
2013-01-24 Mark WoodingNew domain `'.
2013-01-24 Mark WoodingMakefile: Prettify declaraions of other zones.
2013-01-17 Mark WoodingMakefile: `vpn' is a preferred subnet for the inside...
2012-12-08 Mark WoodingMakefile, distorted.lisp: Deploy anycast services.
2012-03-30 Mark WoodingExternal zones don't need split-brain madness any more.
2012-03-19 Mark WoodingMakefile: Don't try to install io.
2012-03-13 Mark WoodingMakefile, distorted.lisp: Publish reverse zones.
2012-02-27 Mark Woodinghosts.lisp, distorted.lisp: Proper assignments for...
2011-09-04 Mark WoodingNew domain:
2011-07-19 Mark WoodingMakefile: Installation rules.
2011-07-19 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp, harlequin.lisp, hosts.lisp: Reorgraniza...
2011-07-19 Mark WoodingMakefile, distorted, harlequin: Rename `fretwank' to...
2011-07-19 Mark WoodingMakefile: Replace the m4 crock with a proper GNU Make...
2007-06-25 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'origin' -- abandoned work
2007-06-25 Mark WoodingOverhaul for service role names and split-horizon crazi...
2007-06-15 Mark WoodingRename zone definition files.
2007-06-15 Mark New domain.
2007-06-15 Mark Delete obsolete domain.
2006-12-23 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://metalzone.distorted...
2006-12-23 Mark Woodingdoc: Predump format for faster TeXing.
2006-04-23 Mark WoodingMakefile: Run `zone' without runlisp; print zones being...
2006-04-20 Mark WoodingInitial import.