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distorted.lisp: Include the correct TLSA record details for SMTP.
[zones] / odin.lisp
2017-09-20 Mark Wooding*.lisp: Add CAA records to discourage wrong CAs from...
2016-07-01 Mark Wooding*.lisp: Arrange better authoritative nameservers.
2016-01-27 Mark Woodingodin.lisp: Provide a TLSA record for the `odin' webserver.
2014-04-29 Mark Woodingodin.lisp: Back to `' names for in-baili...
2014-04-20 Mark WoodingAdd telecaster as a public-facing nameserver.
2014-04-16 Mark Woodingodin.lisp: Bring Gandi's nameserver in-bailiwick.
2014-04-15 Mark WoodingMove lots of key files into a subdirectory.
2014-04-03 Mark WoodingDomain keys support.
2014-01-26 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp, odin.lisp: Move main mail service to...
2013-12-29 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp, odin.lisp: Reduce TTL for mail servers.
2013-09-03 Mark WoodingNew domain