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distorted.lisp: Include the correct TLSA record details for SMTP.
[zones] / binswood.lisp
2017-09-20 Mark Wooding*.lisp: Add CAA records to discourage wrong CAs from...
2017-07-19 Mark Wooding*.lisp: Add `' as another secondary.
2016-07-01 Mark WoodingFix dynamic zones.
2016-07-01 Mark Wooding*.lisp: Arrange better authoritative nameservers.
2015-04-04 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp: New master router; expunge dead devices.
2014-05-04 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp: Publish records for the web server.
2014-04-20 Mark WoodingAdd telecaster as a public-facing nameserver.
2014-02-21 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp: Stable addreess for spare printer.
2013-11-24 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp: Placeholder for web service.
2013-04-07 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp: Static allocation for Wifi client gadget.
2013-04-07 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp, hosts.lisp: Move network definition...
2013-02-10 Mark Woodingbinswood.lisp, hosts.lisp: Stable name and address...
2013-01-24 Mark WoodingNew domain `'.