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2011-06-18 Mark Woodinghosts, distorted, harlequin: Drop boyle; adopt mythic...
2011-06-11 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: New CNAME records for DHCP hosts.
2011-06-09 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Reorganize services.
2011-06-07 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Move ibanez into the unsafe net.
2011-06-06 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: A name for radius on the untrusted...
2011-06-06 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Expose a name for vampire.
2011-05-31 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-31 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Define addresses for all of the new...
2011-05-31 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Merge together some of the role address...
2011-05-31 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Full stops in section comments.
2011-05-22 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp, harlequin.lisp: Use explicit filetype...
2010-05-07 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: New VPN host `terror'.
2010-05-07 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Service name for published `i2p' service.
2010-05-07 Mark Woodingdistorted.lisp: Carve an iodine subnet out of `untrusted'.
2009-07-25 Mark Woodingdistorted: Move news server to vampire.
2009-01-12 Mark Woodingdistorted: Add a service name for the Tor onion router.
2009-01-12 Mark Woodingdistorted: Switch around the ntp servers.
2008-12-10 Mark Woodingdistorted: Remove entry for evolution.fretwank.
2008-12-04 Mark Woodingdistorted: Renumbering evolution.
2008-11-26 Mark Woodingdistorted: Various changes.
2008-04-03 Mark Woodingdistorted: Provide ITS with its own little network.
2008-03-17 Mark Woodingdistorted: Add service vox.
2008-03-17 Mark Woodingdistorted: Remove duplicate PTR for evolution.wireless.
2008-03-16 Mark Woodingdistorted: Provide SRV records for various obvious...
2008-03-16 Mark Woodingdistorted, Makefile: Introduce the wireless reverse...
2008-03-16 Mark Woodingdistorted: Put NS glue in the reverse zones.
2007-08-15 Mark WoodingReformatting.
2007-08-15 Mark WoodingNew service names: wiki, db, ntp{,1}, and wpad.
2007-08-15 Mark WoodingAdd delegated reverse-zone for DHCP-allocated addresses.
2007-06-26 Mark Woodingdistorted: Move www-cache to vampire.
2007-06-25 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'origin' -- abandoned work
2007-06-25 Mark Woodingdistorted: Different nameservers inside and out; add...
2007-06-25 Mark WoodingOverhaul for service role names and split-horizon crazi...
2007-06-15 Mark WoodingRename zone definition files.