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zone, serv: Add support for SRV records.
[zone] / zone.lisp
2008-03-16 Mark Woodingzone, serv: Add support for SRV records.
2007-08-20 Mark Woodingzone: Quench warnings from zone-parser functions.
2007-08-20 Mark Woodingzone: Remove unused function zone-cidr-delegation.
2007-06-26 Mark Woodingzone, frontend: Open up the writing of zones to files.
2007-06-25 Mark Woodingzone: New macro preferred-subnet-case.
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Change default subnet selection.
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: New record type :svc creates A records without...
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Allow record parsers more control over the names...
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Use hash-table for reversing zones; eliminate...
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Allow control over output file names.
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Simplify zone-write.
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Random whitespace cleanups.
2007-06-15 Mark Woodingzone: Delete redundant functions.
2007-06-12 Mark Woodingzone, net, frontend: Kill trailing whitespaces.
2006-12-24 Mark Woodingzone: Use new with-parsed-body macro.
2006-12-23 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://metalzone.distorted...
2006-12-10 Mark WoodingThroughout: Use shiny new macros.
2006-12-10 Mark Woodingportability: Supply system-specific wossname for CLisp...
2006-05-24 Mark WoodingAttempt to port the lot to CLisp.
2006-04-23 Mark WoodingReformat the docstrings.
2006-04-23 Mark Woodingdefzoneparse: Parse the body; handle docstring and...
2006-04-22 Mark WoodingTrack rename of `mdw.collect' package.
2006-04-20 Mark WoodingSplit out low-level network fiddling into a separate...
2006-04-20 Mark Woodingzone: Track rename of safely and optparse packages.
2006-04-20 Mark Woodingzone: Allow definitions of subnets in defnet
2006-04-20 Mark Woodingzone: Make the code prettier.
2006-04-20 Mark Woodingzone: Write output to, rather than just...
2006-02-13 mdwNew zone entry type :net
2006-02-13 mdwBugfix: Canonify the zone source name.
2005-08-25 mdwInitial checkin.