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descriptionUserv utilities (local modifications)
ownerMark Wooding
last changeMon, 28 Mar 2016 22:32:36 +0000 (23:32 +0100)
2016-03-28 Mark Woodingucgi/: Return useful status codes when things go wrong. master mdw/env-filter
2013-02-19 Mark Woodingwww-cgi: Introduce `?DEFAULTS' pattern to match the...
2013-02-19 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/ucgicommon.c: Split matching out from `filter_e...
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/: Yet more environment variables to be passed...
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/: Allow customization of the environment filters.
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/: Decentralize the whitelist of environment...
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/: Centralize environment variable filtering.
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/ucgi.c: A bit more machinery for building the...
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/: Add some trivial tracing.
2013-01-30 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/: Move `xrealloc' to `ucgicommon'.
2013-01-30 Mark Woodingwww-cgi/ucgitarget.c: Use `error' to report unusual...
2013-01-27 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog upstream/master
2013-01-27 Ian Jacksoncheckpasswd: fix -other service file
2013-01-27 Ian Jacksoncheckpass: installation arrangements
2013-01-27 Ian Jacksoncheckpass: installation arrangements
2013-01-27 Ian Jacksoncheckpasswd: initial implementation
unknown branchpoint-1996-06-19-retrospective-beforeuserv
unknown branchpoint-2000-12-10-udptunnelconf
unknown mergepoint-1-2000-12-10-udptunnelconf
unknown rel-uservutils-0-1
unknown rel-uservutils-0-1-9
unknown rel-uservutils-0-1-90
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-0
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-1
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-2
unknown rel-uservutils-0-2-3
unknown sent-to-rjk
unknown userv-utils-0-1-finger-mergeup-1
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16 months ago mdw/env-filter
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17 years ago branch-uservutils-0-1-finger
17 years ago branch-1996-06-19-retrospective-beforeuserv