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2012-03-16 Mark Woodingcontrib: Do proper substitutions on contrib files.
2012-03-14 Mark Woodingcontrib/: New directory for random occasionally-useful...
2012-03-14 Mark WoodingAllow the caller to configure the administration socket...
2012-03-14 Mark Woodingserver/admin.c (a_init): Abort if we can't set socket...
2012-03-14 Mark Woodingserver/admin.c (a_init): Restore the old umask after...
2012-03-14 Mark Only check SLIP on distcheck.
2012-03-14 Mark WoodingIgnore boring return codes properly.
2012-03-13 Mark Woodingserver/privsep.c: Bring SIGCHLD handler in-line.
2012-03-13 Mark Woodingclient/tripectl.c: Unblock SIGCHLD in child.
2012-02-01 Mark Woodingserver/ Refactor communications test stuff.
2012-01-24 Mark Woodingserver/ Work around strace's attempt to overwr...
2012-01-24 Mark Woodingserver/ Whitespace fixing.
2012-01-24 Mark, wireshark/ Leave CFLAGS and...
2012-01-18 Mark Woodingpriv/ Hack `libpriv' so that parallel build...
2012-01-14 Mark Woodingserver/tun-slip.c: Treat ESC END as an error, and junk...
2011-06-27 Mark Woodingserver/admin.c: Use p_tag to fetch the key tag.
2011-06-27 Mark Woodingserver/ Various minor cleanups.
2011-06-27 Mark Woodingserver/ Fix TRIPECTL_INTERACT argument order.
2011-06-27 Mark Woodinginit/ Whitespace fixups.
2011-06-27 Mark Woodingclient/tripectl.c, debian: Fix logging privileges disaster.
2011-04-22 Mark WoodingVersion 1.0.0pre10. 1.0.0pre10
2011-04-22 Mark Woodingsvc/conntrack: Add magic `down' peer tags.
2011-04-10 Mark Woodingserver/keymgmt.c: Trivial whitespace fix.
2010-05-30 Mark WoodingBuild system: Use Automake 1.11 `silent-rules'.
2010-05-22 Mark WoodingVarious C files: Ignore write errors of UDP and IP...
2010-05-22 Mark Woodingserver/tun-slip.c, server/ Handle...
2010-05-22 Mark Woodingserver/tun-slip: Refactor state handling somewhat.
2010-05-22 Mark Woodingserver/tun-*.c: Include tunnel name in read-error warnings.
2010-05-22 Mark WoodingMore minor cleanups.
2010-05-19 Mark Woodingpriv: Remove references to transferring `tunnel_ops...
2010-05-17 Mark Woodingdebian/changelog: Another version. 1.0.0pre9
2010-05-17 Mark WoodingDisassociate public key tags from peer names.
2010-05-17 Mark Woodingsvc/conntrack: Make the kickpeers coroutine more robust.
2010-05-17 Mark Woodingsvc/ Document the D-Bus connection state...
2010-05-17 Mark Woodingpeerdb/ Fix formatting.
2010-05-15 Mark WoodingTag version 1.0.0pre8.1. 1.0.0pre8.1
2010-05-15 Mark Woodingpy/ Handle stray exceptions from coroutines...
2010-05-15 Mark Woodingsvc/ Force reconnection on local IP addres...
2010-05-15 Mark Woodingsvc/ Fix DBusManager._reconnect to accept...
2010-05-15 Mark Woodingsvc/ Better diagnostic equipment for D...
2010-05-15 Mark Woodingsvc/ Keep the D-Bus monitor alive.
2010-05-09 Mark Woodingdebian/changelog: Long overdue for a new version. 1.0.0pre8
2010-05-09 Mark Woodingpython: Better diagnostics for coroutines.
2010-05-09 Mark Woodingsvc/ New service to track connection status.
2010-05-09 Mark Woodingsvc/ Bug fix: addpeer on correct coroutine.
2010-05-09 Mark Woodingsvc/ Check that the crypto is working in adopt...
2010-05-09 Mark Woodingpython: Refactoring of I/O events and suchlike.
2010-05-08 Mark Woodingpy/ More useful diagnostics for uncaught except...
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingdebian: Lintian fixes.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingpkstream/ Fix synopsis misformatting.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingbuild: Install some more files to their eventual locations.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodinginit: Add some rudimentary support for SLIP interfaces.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodinginit/ Make init script more readable.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingdebian: Run the server as `tripe' rather than `root'.
2010-04-19 Mark WoodingREADME: Rewrite.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodinginit/tripe.conf: Reformat, and make comments more usefu...
2010-04-19 Mark WoodingMake `tripe' be the default key type.
2010-04-19 Mark WoodingBuild: Kill $(mkdir_p); use $(MKDIR_P).
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingserver/tun-slip.c: Pass correct stdout to child process.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingtripemon: Major reworking to use new module and coroutines.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingsvc: Peer management services.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodinginit: Introduce the peer database.
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingpy: New Python module for writing services and suchlike
2010-04-19 Mark Woodingdoc/tripe-service.5: New manpage describing service...
2009-12-20 Mark Woodingserver/ Change `recognise' to `recogni...
2009-12-20 Mark Woodingserver/ Document `unknown-jobid' error...
2009-12-20 Mark Woodingserver/ Some typo fixes.
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingUse new mdup(3mLib) function.
2009-01-03 Mark Woodingpathmtu: Reset the timeout on each packet.
2009-01-01 Mark WoodingBuild: Fix construction of manual pages.
2009-01-01 Mark Woodingkeys: Fix defaults and documentation.
2009-01-01 Mark Woodingmaint-utils/keysubst: A monstrously unpleasant sed...
2008-12-31 Mark Woodingserver/tripe-admin.5: Describe the quoting convention.
2008-12-30 Mark WoodingManpages: Fix substitutions.
2008-12-30 Mark Woodingpriv: Fix build.
2008-12-30 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'privsep'
2008-12-30 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'public'
2008-12-30 Mark Woodingpathmtu: New program for determining the MTU to a host.
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingserver: Introduce privilege separation.
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingserver: Zap spurious space output by a_vformat.
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingserver: Make a_vformat public.
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingserver: Set admin socket permissions to match user.
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingclient: Capture server stderr and send it to the logfile.
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingserver/admin: New ALGS command.
2008-12-29 Mark WoodingBuild: Explicitly link against mLib or catacomb.
2008-12-25 Mark Woodingtripe-keys: Add a subcommand to print the correct tunne...
2008-12-23 Mark Woodingpkstream/pkstream.1: Rename `fw' to `fwd'.
2008-12-23 Mark Woodingclient/tripectl.c: Fix format string bug in tripectl.
2008-12-23 Mark Woodinginit/ Switch install-hook to install-data...
2008-12-23 Mark Use AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0.
2008-12-21 Mark Woodingbuild: Use new separate auto-version tool.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingclient: Better logging infrastructure.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingclient: Clean up variable declarations.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingclient: New options for setting user and group identities.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingclient: Function for inserting arguments.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingpeer, tunnels: New file-descriptor opening interface.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingserver/keyset.c, server/keymgmt.c: Variable data limits.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingserver/peer.c, server/keyset.c: Fix key renegotiation...
2008-12-20 Mark Woodingserver/keyexch.c: Lower the validity time for a challenge.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodinguslip: New options for flooding tripe.