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server/: Post-merge fixup.
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2019-01-25 Mark WoodingMerge branches 'mdw/knock' and 'mdw/ipv6' into bleeding
2019-01-25 Mark WoodingAdd notion of `ephemeral' associations and a goodbye... mdw/knock
2018-06-16 Mark WoodingAdd new `knock' protocol.
2018-06-14 Mark Woodingwireshark/tripe.lua (dissect_ciphertext): Return correc...
2018-06-14 Mark WoodingUpgrade licence to GPLv3+.
2017-07-10 Mark Woodingwireshark/: Replace ancient dissector with a new one...
2016-06-12 Mark Woodingwireshark/packet-tripe.c: Catch up with Wireshark API...
2012-01-24 Mark, wireshark/ Leave CFLAGS and...
2008-03-29 Mark WoodingBuild system overhaul to conform to new standards.
2008-03-18 Mark WoodingRemove crufty old CVS $Id$ markers.
2007-07-11 Mark WoodingUse the new official IANA-allocated port number 4070.
2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: Whitespaces fixes, left right and centre.
2006-12-30 Mark WoodingGreat reorganization.
2006-12-11 Mark WoodingRename ethereal -> wireshark.