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server/: Post-merge fixup.
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2018-06-14 Mark Woodinguslip/uslip.c: Be more reliable about tidying up.
2018-06-14 Mark WoodingUpgrade licence to GPLv3+.
2017-05-14 Mark Woodinguslip/uslip.c: Shut the server down on `SIGTERM'.
2017-04-23 Mark Woodinguslip/uslip.c: Abstract out the server's EOF-on-stdin...
2017-04-23 Mark Woodinguslip/uslip.c: Make `make_pkqnode' be const-correct.
2017-04-23 Mark Woodinguslip/uslip.c: Consistently name ignored closure pointe...
2017-04-23 Mark Woodinguslip/uslip.c: Be consistent about `VERB_NOUN' function...
2015-05-08 Mark Woodingbuild, debian: Add a suffix to the main TrIPE-specific...
2009-01-01 Mark WoodingBuild: Fix construction of manual pages.
2008-12-30 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'privsep'
2008-12-30 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'public'
2008-12-29 Mark WoodingBuild: Explicitly link against mLib or catacomb.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodinguslip: New options for flooding tripe.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodinguslip: Associate a done-function with gobblers.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodinguslip: Don't let gobblers leak file descriptors.
2008-12-20 Mark Woodinguslip: Fix SLIP escape handling.
2008-12-08 Mark Woodinguslip: New program providing a fake SLIP interface.