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server/: Post-merge fixup.
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2018-06-14 Mark WoodingUpgrade licence to GPLv3+.
2015-06-01 Mark Woodingpriv/helper.c (lose): Tag as NORETURN.
2015-05-08 Mark Woodingbuild, debian: Add a suffix to the main TrIPE-specific...
2013-07-12 Mark WoodingUse the new `mLib' annotations on varargs functions.
2012-01-18 Mark Woodingpriv/ Hack `libpriv' so that parallel build...
2010-05-22 Mark WoodingMore minor cleanups.
2010-05-19 Mark Woodingpriv: Remove references to transferring `tunnel_ops...
2009-01-01 Mark WoodingBuild: Fix construction of manual pages.
2008-12-30 Mark Woodingpriv: Fix build.
2008-12-30 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'privsep'
2008-12-29 Mark Woodingserver: Introduce privilege separation.