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server: Test script.
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2008-12-08 Mark Woodinguslip: New program providing a fake SLIP interface.
2008-12-08 Mark WoodingAdd testing infrastructure.
2008-04-05 Mark WoodingOverhaul manual pages.
2008-03-29 Mark WoodingBuild system overhaul to conform to new standards.
2008-03-18 Mark WoodingProvide a pkg-config file for use by separately compile...
2008-03-18 Mark WoodingRemove crufty old CVS $Id$ markers.
2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: Whitespaces fixes, left right and centre.
2006-12-30 Mark WoodingGreat reorganization.
2005-10-07 mdwGreetings and challenges.
2005-10-04 mdwMore support scripts and other cool stuff.
2005-09-12 mdwGeneral overhaul of tunnelling: allow multiple tunnel...
2005-09-03 mdwSupport SLIP encapsulation as a tunnelling mechanism.
2005-04-30 mdwAllow admin clients to filter out async messages. ...
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2003-11-29 mdwDebianization. 1.0.0pre6
2003-10-15 mdwRemove buf, and add Ethereal analysis.
2003-05-17 mdwShip new configuration and startup kit.
2003-04-23 mdwNew pkstream program.
2001-06-19 mdwBuild new proxy program.
2001-02-22 mdwBuild documents now.
2001-02-16 mdwOnly link the server against Catacomb.
2001-02-05 mdwInitial support for BSD tunnel devices.
2001-02-03 mdwInitial checkin.