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2007-02-03 Yann DirsonUse FETCH_HEAD to know where to rebase to after pull. master
2007-02-03 Yann DirsonWarn the user when there is no parent information in...
2007-02-03 Yann DirsonCorrectly check the pull-does-rebase parameter in ...
2007-02-02 Pavel RoskinAllow .git/branches and .git/remotes to be missing
2007-02-02 Yann DirsonDo not return 'origin' as parent remote when there...
2007-02-02 Yann DirsonRebase to parent branch after git-fetch in "stg pull".
2007-02-02 Yann DirsonThe user does not want to mess with the refspecs.
2007-02-02 Catalin MarinasCheck for invalid patch names before acting
2007-02-01 Catalin Marinasset() is not a builtin function in Python 2.3
2007-02-01 Yann DirsonFixes to doc strings.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonMake 'stg pull' use git-fetch and not git-pull.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonHave 'stg branch --create' record parent information.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonBasic support for keeping a ref to the parent branch.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonAllows extraction of information about remotes.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonMove identification of parent branch's remote def up...
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonAdd caching to the new config class.
2007-01-31 Yann DirsonMake stgit.config use git-repo-config.
2007-01-26 Catalin MarinasMake the 'series --short' length configurable
2007-01-26 Catalin MarinasAdd support to hide and unhide patches
2007-01-25 Catalin Marinas'--showbranch' and '--noprefix' options for 'series'
2007-01-25 Catalin MarinasAllow a patch range to be specified for 'series'
2007-01-25 Catalin MarinasHide the test_create_repo output
2007-01-25 Catalin MarinasSynchronise the current patch if none specified for...
2007-01-21 Catalin MarinasFix the displaying of unknown files for 'stg status'
2007-01-21 Yann DirsonAdd new 'rebase' command.
2007-01-12 Catalin MarinasTrack the files conflict history
2007-01-10 Catalin MarinasAdd option to automatically invoke the interactive...
2007-01-10 Catalin MarinasAllow e-mail aliases for the "mail" command
2007-01-10 Catalin MarinasIndent the example gitconfig file
2007-01-10 Pavel RoskinCheck git pull remote before defaulting to 'origin'
2007-01-10 Catalin MarinasPipe the 'patches --diff' output through the pager
2007-01-04 Catalin MarinasFix the branch renaming to also rename the reflogs
2007-01-04 Catalin MarinasAdd '--missing' option to 'series'
2006-12-13 Catalin MarinasFix the bash completion when there is no patch applied
2006-12-12 Catalin MarinasAllow the mail command to send unapplied patches as...
2006-12-12 Catalin MarinasAdd the --unapplied option to pick
2006-12-11 Pavel RoskinThe author's address is incorrect in
2006-12-11 Catalin MarinasAllow the abbreviation of StGIT commands
2006-12-08 Catalin MarinasDon't always use git-merge-recursive because of speed
2006-12-07 Catalin MarinasAdd the 'sync' command
2006-12-07 Catalin MarinasMake 'push --undo' safer
2006-12-07 Catalin MarinasFix a merge case with files added in both heads but...
2006-12-07 Catalin MarinasPrint 'refresh done' before pushing other patches
2006-12-06 Catalin MarinasPipe the 'stg help <command>' output through the pager
2006-12-06 Catalin MarinasAllow patch ranges for the 'pop' command
2006-12-06 Catalin MarinasAllow ranges for the 'export' command
2006-12-06 Catalin MarinasFix the 'clean' command not to pop all the patches
2006-12-05 Catalin MarinasFlush the stdout in the commit command
2006-12-05 Catalin MarinasFix "series -d" when the patch description is empty
2006-12-05 Catalin MarinasAllow the cloning of branches not under StGIT control
2006-12-05 Yann DirsonDocument some current bugs and add to the TODO list.
2006-12-05 Yann DirsonCreate a StgitObject class to factorise code for proper...
2006-12-05 Karl HasselströmAsk git for author and committer name
2006-12-05 Pavel RoskinSet HOME to the test directory to avoid reading ~/...
2006-12-05 Catalin MarinasOnly print the progress message if on a TTY
2006-12-05 Catalin MarinasUse gitconfig rather than stgirc
2006-12-05 Yann DirsonMore config examples.
2006-11-24 Catalin MarinasComplete patch names after a patch (range) option
2006-11-24 Yann DirsonAllows to refresh a non-top applied patch.
2006-11-24 Yann DirsonBomb out when --ack and --sign are both passed to ...
2006-11-24 Yann DirsonOptimize stg goto in the pop case.
2006-11-24 Yann DirsonMake Series::patch_applied public.
2006-11-22 Catalin MarinasAdd a boundary to parse_patches()
2006-11-22 Catalin MarinasAllow 'show' to display many patches
2006-11-20 Catalin MarinasFix a bug in introduced recently
2006-11-17 Catalin MarinasOnly read the config files when running a command
2006-11-17 Catalin MarinasAdd a 'sender' configuration option
2006-11-17 Catalin MarinasOnly create a 'From: author' line if needed
2006-11-16 Catalin MarinasEdit the cover or patch message before e-mail encoding
2006-11-16 Catalin MarinasUpdate the bash-completion script
2006-11-16 Catalin MarinasReduce the imports in stgit/
2006-11-16 Karl HasselströmStGIT bash completion
2006-11-16 Catalin MarinasFix the mail import regex to remove the [...PATCH....
2006-11-16 Karl HasselströmRegression test for "stg mail"
2006-11-16 Karl HasselströmRegression test for "stg import"
2006-11-16 Karl HasselströmDon't mention deprecated template variables
2006-11-16 Karl HasselströmPrint progress message to stderr, not stdout
2006-11-09 Catalin MarinasAdd file renaming support
2006-11-08 Chuck LeverOptionally repack the object repository after every...
2006-11-08 Chuck LeverAdd a new option to "stg applied" and "stg unapplied...
2006-11-08 Chuck LeverPrint a message while checking for changes in the worki...
2006-11-08 Catalin MarinasAdd mbox support to "import"
2006-11-08 Catalin MarinasAdd a trash directory with deleted patches
2006-11-07 Catalin MarinasAdd support for multipart messages to import
2006-11-07 Catalin MarinasProperly import qp-encoded e-mail headers
2006-11-07 Catalin MarinasProperly encode the e-mail headers and body
2006-11-07 Karl HasselströmGenerate unique patch names
2006-11-07 Karl HasselströmGenerate shorter patch names
2006-11-02 Catalin MarinasSlightly change the multiple patches delete function
2006-11-02 Karl HasselströmAllow deletion of several patches at once
2006-11-02 Ilpo JärvinenFixes "stg goto `stg top`" to no-op & adds test
2006-11-02 Karl HasselströmAllow hand-editing of patches before sending
2006-11-02 Robin RosenbergBash snippet to show branch and patch in bash prompt
2006-11-02 Catalin MarinasClean-up the number of imports in
2006-11-02 Paolo 'Blaisorblade... Stgit: allow importing series files where patch names...
2006-10-27 Catalin MarinasAdd the 'autobcc' config option
2006-10-27 Robin RosenbergAdd an optional prefix to the PATCH subject when mailing.
2006-10-25 Karl HasselströmRegression test for "stg assimilate"
2006-10-25 Karl HasselströmNew stg command: assimilate
2006-10-25 Karl HasselströmDisregard extraneous arguments when providing help