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descriptionDistributed discrete log; currently binary fields only.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeWed, 21 Jun 2017 10:49:30 +0000 (11:49 +0100)
2017-06-21 Mark WoodingAdd commentary and licence notices. master
2017-06-21 Mark Hoist `hex output' to the top.
2017-06-21 Mark Fix the cycle-finding table initialization.
2017-06-21 Mark Move the signal-handler setup outside the retry...
2017-06-19 Mark Woodingrhodes: Look up the redundant workers using the correct...
2017-06-19 Mark Woodingrhodes: Don't try to kill ourselves when zapping redund...
2017-06-19 Mark Woodingrhodes: Open lock files with the right permissions...
2017-06-19 Mark Woodingrhodes: Don't try to CRT-recombine a single log.
2017-06-19 Mark Woodingrhodes: Clear out debris from stale workers in `check'.
2017-06-19 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Ignore boring files.
2017-06-17 Mark WoodingInitial commit: successfully solved DL in GF(2^256).
7 years ago master