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descriptionDotfiles and other configuration.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeWed, 29 Nov 2017 20:22:54 +0000 (20:22 +0000)
2017-11-29 Mark Woodingbin/play-rawk: Import Tk hack for listening to my DisOr... master
2017-11-29 Mark Woodingbin/un-backslashify-selection: Fix for newer `pterm'.
2017-11-22 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Hack Gnus to cope with IMAP literals...
2017-11-22 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Hack Org mode package list.
2017-11-22 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Register `strayman' with newer-style...
2017-11-22 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Remove `fontenc' from the `strayman...
2017-11-22 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Fix bogus indentation.
2017-11-21 Mark Woodingdot/emacs, dot/profile, el/dot-emacs.el: Moving back...
2017-11-16 Mark Woodingdot/zshrc: Inhibit line editing when terminal is `dumb'.
2017-11-16 Mark Woodingdot/shell-rc: If terminal is `dumb' then use vanilla...
2017-11-16 Mark Woodingdot/zshrc: Fix behaviour of M-l.
2017-11-16 Mark Woodingdot/gtk3-settings.ini: Inhibit ridiculous fine-tuning...
2017-10-09 Mark Woodingdot/emacs: Fix the integration of MuPDF.
2017-10-09 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Fix AUCTeX filling.
2017-10-09 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Use advice to hack the fill prefix.
2017-10-09 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Fix incorrect indentation.
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