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descriptionDotfiles and other configuration.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeMon, 9 Oct 2017 11:27:38 +0000 (12:27 +0100)
7 days ago Mark Woodingdot/emacs: Fix the integration of MuPDF. master
7 days ago Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Fix AUCTeX filling.
8 days ago Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Use advice to hack the fill prefix.
8 days ago Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Fix incorrect indentation.
2017-10-02 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Twiddle Magit blame heading faces.
2017-09-30 Mark Woodingdot/emacs: Don't override background colour of terminals.
2017-09-22 Mark Woodingdot/lftp-rc: Turn on moar TLS.
2017-09-22 Mark Woodingdot/lftp-rc: Configuration for `lftp'.
2017-09-22 Mark Woodingdot/zshrc: Sink completion setup.
2017-09-22 Mark Woodingdot/zshrc: Remove spurious blank line.
2017-09-22 Mark Woodingbin/git-copyright-dates: Pass arguments on to `git...
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingdot/shell-rc: Only run tmpdir(1) if we actually found it.
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingdot/shell-rc: Fix missing `;;' in `case'.
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingdot/shell-rc: Throw `~/bin/' into the PATH if it's...
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingdot/shell-rc: Sink finding temporary directory.
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingel/dot-emacs.el: Turn on `smerge-mode' if we see confli...
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