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2017-08-13 Mark WoodingRelease 2.2.4. 2.2.4
2017-08-11 Mark WoodingRevert "debian: Update for Debhelper 10."
2017-08-09 Mark Woodingstruct/buf.3: Fix synopsis for `BSTEP'.
2017-07-07 Mark Woodingdebian/copyright: Fix copyright dates.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingdebian: Update for Debhelper 10.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingdebian: Multi-Arch support.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingdebian/copyright: Convert to machine-readable format.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingdebian/control: Use ${binary:Version} instead of $...
2017-07-06 Mark Tweak `silent-rules' machinery.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingutils/macros.h: Add support for Clang-specific hacks.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingutils/macros.h: Refactor the GCC-ish compiler support.
2017-07-06 Mark Woodingsel/sig.c: Use `DISCARD' to ignore errors from the...
2017-04-19 Mark Woodingtrace/trace.3: Fix misformatting.
2017-04-04 Mark Some reformatting.
2016-07-11 Mark Woodingsys/ Actually make sure the `mdup' tests work.
2016-07-11 Mark Woodingsys/ Use the correct name for the `mdup' test...
2016-07-11 Mark Look in the right place for `socklen_t'.
2016-06-04 Mark WoodingRelease 2.2.3. 2.2.3
2016-05-16 Mark Woodingbuild: Abolish the `$e', `$o' and `$t' variables.
2016-05-16 Mark Say `-no-undefined' to libtool for the...
2016-05-16 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr-putf.c: Remove apparently redundant inclusi...
2016-05-16 Mark Woodingutils/t/exc-test.c: Print null pointers in a consistent...
2016-05-16 Mark Woodingsel/bres.c: Don't capture `h->h_name' in non-`const...
2016-05-16 Mark Woodingbuild: Cope with the `subdir-objects' world Automake...
2016-02-18 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-18 Mark WoodingRelease
2016-02-18 Mark Woodingdebian/source/format: Apparently these are now mandatory.
2016-02-18 Mark Woodingdebian/control: Add Build-Depends on python for improve...
2016-02-09 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr-putf.c: Fix typo in commentary.
2015-05-29 Mark Woodingcodec/codec.3: Minor formatting fix.
2015-01-18 Mark WoodingRelease
2015-01-18 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr-putf.c: Don't leak the argument and spec...
2014-07-20 Mark WoodingRelease 2.2.2. 2.2.2
2014-07-20 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr-putf.c: Different way to represent type...
2014-07-20 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr-putf.c (dstr_vputf): Rewrite to support...
2014-07-19 Mark Woodingsel/bres.c (zap): Don't scramble the freelist when...
2014-06-14 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr-putf.c: Don't segfault on `*' width/precis...
2014-02-27 Mark Woodingcodec: New flag to ignore linear whitespace.
2013-12-28 Mark Woodingstruct/ Skip tests if we don't have a working...
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingRelease 2.2.1. 2.2.1
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingsys/ Remove obsolete test script.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingutils/macros.h: Support for compiler-specific annotations.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingdebian: Drop CDBS in favour of using Debhelper directly.
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingGeneral build system spring-cleaning.
2013-06-28 Mark Some random formatting tweaks.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingstruct/dstr.[ch3] (dstr_putc): Accept an `int' argument.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingsel/bres.h: Fix include guard macro name.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingsel/bres.c: Rewrite list hacking to avoid strict-aliasi...
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingutils/t/exc-test.c: Fix `%p' format/argument type mismatch.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingstruct/t/: Use better format for printing `size_t values.
2013-06-28 Mark, sel/: Check for and use `socklen_t'.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodinghash/crc-mktab.c: Fix severe breakage on 64-bit systems.
2013-06-21 Mark Woodingsys/mdup.[ch]: Fix licensing notice to refer to LGPL2.
2013-06-21 Mark Woodingbuild: Don't make libraries for precomputation utilitie...
2013-06-01 Mark Use `AM_CPPFLAGS' for the includes list.
2013-01-12 Mark Woodingcodec/{base32,hex}.h: Include `codec.h'.
2013-01-09 Mark WoodingRelease 2.2.0. Yay. 2.2.0
2012-10-20 Mark Woodingsel/sig.c: Discard return value without provoking other...
2012-10-20 Mark Woodingsig.c: Ignore return code from write(2) to pipe.
2012-10-20 Mark WoodingBuild system: Use Automake 1.11 `silent-rules'.
2012-10-20 Mark WoodingInfrastructure: Switch testing over to Autotest.
2012-10-20 Mark Woodingcodec, baseconv: Cleanup of the various binary encoding...
2012-10-20 Mark Woodingprecomp: New directory for precomputed files.
2012-10-20 Mark WoodingInfrastructure: Split the files into subdirectories.
2012-10-20 Mark WoodingHeaders: Guard inclusion of mLib headers.
2012-10-20 Mark WoodingInfrastructure: Strip away crufty CVS $Id$ tags.
2012-10-20 Mark Woodingdebian: Prepare stuff for new version.
2012-10-20 Mark Woodingbres: Use mdup to duplicate file descriptors for the...
2012-09-04 Mark Woodingmdup.h: Remove spurious duplicate summary line from...
2012-05-05 Mark WoodingRelease version 2.1.1. 2.1.1
2012-05-05 Mark Woodingbuf.c: Step over terminating null byte.
2012-05-05 Mark Woodingbuf.h: Spurious `\' prevents declaration of `buf_putstr*'.
2011-06-25 Mark Use $(mkdir_p) instead of $(mkinstalldirs).
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingCommit as 2.1.0. 2.1.0
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'work'
2009-01-04 Mark Woodingmdup: New unit for juggling file descriptors.
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of /home/mdw/public-git/mLib
2009-01-04 Mark Woodingalign: Add trivial manpage.
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingManpages: Move manpages (back?) into the top-level...
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingMakefile: Use check_PROGRAMS target.
2008-12-28 Mark WoodingBrown-paper-bag fixes. 2.0.7
2008-12-27 Mark WoodingRelease 2.0.6. 2.0.6
2008-12-27 Mark Woodingsym-gtest: Don't include empty words.
2008-12-27 Mark WoodingBuild: Overhaul build system.
2008-12-27 Mark Woodingdebian: Replace Debian build system with CDBS.
2008-12-27 Mark WoodingBuild: Put build utilities in the config/ subdirectory.
2008-12-26 Mark WoodingMakefile: Ship
2008-05-14 Mark Woodingversioncmp: Fix for `~' characters. 2.0.5
2008-03-17 Mark WoodingInfrastructure: Export pkgconfig file. 2.0.4
2008-02-09 Mark Woodingtestrig: Provide useful interface for more complicated...
2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: All the whitespace fixes, all at once.
2007-01-06 Mark Woodingdaemonize, versioncmp: Generally useful functions from...
2006-05-15 Mark Woodingbuf: Fix two embarassing bugs found while writing Lisp...
2006-04-13 Mark Woodingstr: New str_matchx function optionally reports possibl...
2006-04-13 Mark Woodingstr: Various whitespace cleanups.
2006-04-07 Mark Woodingdebian: Clean noadns build directory.
2006-04-07 Mark Woodinghash: Trivial whitespace cleanups.
2006-03-15 Mark Woodingurl: Allow `;' to separate key/value pairs in URL-encod...
2006-03-14 Mark Woodingurl: Allow various `safe' characters unquoted in URL...
2006-03-14 Mark Woodingurl: Whitespace cleanups.