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1999-05-19 mdwChange naming to match newer mLib conventions. 1.3.2
1999-05-19 mdwNew version number.
1999-05-19 mdwAesthetic changes: fix spelling of `initialize'; use...
1999-05-18 mdwAllow Base64 encode and decode of arbitrary rubbish.
1999-05-17 mdwNew function `tv_addl' to add a literal to a time value... 1.3.1
1999-05-17 mdwNew function `tv_addl' to add a literal to a time value.
1999-05-17 mdwSome trivial string hacks.
1999-05-17 mdwMake the magical constants for the buffer flags uppercase.
1999-05-17 mdwMake the selector type symbols an enumeration rather...
1999-05-17 mdwOutput uncaught exception types in hex, because they...
1999-05-17 mdwBase64 encoding and decoding support.
1999-05-17 mdwMore files added. Slight rearrangement of the ordering.
1999-05-17 mdwVersion number change.
1999-05-15 mdwAdd simplified locking code.
1999-05-15 mdwFix copyright notices.
1999-05-14 mdwBump version number to 1.3, to celebrate adding in... 1.3.0
1999-05-14 mdwIntegrated `select' handling bits from the background...
1999-05-14 mdwOverview of the library. Unfortunately, this is in...
1999-05-13 mdwUpdate version number. 1.2.1
1999-05-13 mdwChange `-ise' to `-ize' throughout.
1999-05-13 mdwTwiddle the extension threshold. Change `-ise' to...
1999-05-13 mdwMisc documentation fixes. Change `-ise' to `-ize'...
1999-05-06 mdwReformatted the LGPL notice a little bit. 1.2.0
1999-05-05 mdwScript to transform CVS sources into buildable source...
1999-05-05 mdwChange licensing conditions to LGPL.
1999-03-24 mdwUse mdwopt from common files distrib.
1999-03-24 mdwLook after mdwopt in the common files distrib.
1999-03-24 mdwRemove redundant call to AC_PROG_INSTALL.
1999-02-28 mdwquis: remove the leading `-' from the name, in case...
1998-12-15 mdwNew functions `dstr_putf' and `dstr_vputf' which do...
1998-12-15 mdwReordered and tidied.
1998-11-26 mdwMove SYM_NAME into the header file. Fix bugs.
1998-11-25 mdwBump the version number.
1998-11-25 mdwAdd `tv.c'and `tv.h' to the list.
1998-11-25 mdwNew file.
1998-06-17 mdw*** empty log message ***
1998-06-17 mdwInitial revision