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1999-10-29 mdwNew array adjustment macros for unsigned arguments.
1999-10-28 mdwMinor edits.
1999-10-28 mdwModify and debug allocation routines.
1999-10-27 mdwSilly grammatical mistake.
1999-10-22 mdwDescribe new manual pages.
1999-10-22 mdwDocument DSTR_INIT.
1999-10-22 mdwVarious little fixes.
1999-10-22 mdwNew manual page.
1999-10-22 mdwMore manual page stubs.
1999-10-22 mdwNew source files. New testing system for sym and dynarray.
1999-10-22 mdwChange naming slightly. Still not documented, though.
1999-10-22 mdwSeparate function for parsing user trace specs.
1999-10-22 mdwNew documented interface for tracing.
1999-10-22 mdwAdd an exception group for mLib.
1999-10-22 mdwNew dynamic array implementation replaces `dynarray.h'.
1999-10-22 mdwTest rig for dynamic arrays.
1999-10-22 mdwNew test structure for symbol tables.
1999-10-22 mdwCorrections and general updates.
1999-10-21 mdwSuperceded by darray.
1999-10-15 mdwChange support for erroneous Base64 streams with length...
1999-10-04 mdwNew modules.
1999-10-04 mdwFind libraries for standalone name resolver server.
1999-10-04 mdwLots of new source files.
1999-10-04 mdwMinor tidyings.
1999-10-04 mdwNew function `pquis'.
1999-10-04 mdwMove `dstr_putf' and `dstr_vputf' into a separate sourc...
1999-10-04 mdwUndefine PATHSEP when finished with.
1999-10-04 mdwAdded ident client from `fw'.
1999-10-04 mdwAdded background resolver from `fw'.
1999-09-26 mdw(sel_select): Almost pointless efficiency tweak.
1999-09-03 mdwVersion bump. 1.4.1
1999-09-03 mdwMake `#' a special character which needs escaping.
1999-08-31 mdwNew function `sel_force' to force a descriptor to be...
1999-08-19 mdwDocument new features. Include types with tabulated... 1.4.0
1999-08-19 mdwInclude types with tabulated function arguments and...
1999-08-19 mdwBoring.
1999-08-19 mdwImprove signal handling to prevent signals from being...
1999-08-19 mdwImplement hooks for foreign select-using systems (curre...
1999-08-02 mdwImprove type safety for sym_iter objects.
1999-08-02 mdwMore uninteresting manual pages.
1999-08-02 mdwDistribute new `hash' module.
1999-08-02 mdwDescribe new `hash' module.
1999-08-02 mdwRemove some unnecessary definitions.
1999-08-02 mdwBreak low-level hashtable code out from sym.
1999-07-30 mdwMinor tidying and typo correction.
1999-07-28 mdwAdd lots of references to manual pages, and fix a typo.
1999-07-28 mdwRemove spurious space from the synopsis section.
1999-07-27 mdwFix relative order of `automake' and `autoconf'.
1999-07-27 mdwFixed typo in `NAME' section.
1999-07-26 mdwMore generated manual pages.
1999-07-26 mdwBug fix: remove the selector before doing the callback...
1999-07-26 mdwNew source files.
1999-07-26 mdwAdd references to new pages.
1999-07-26 mdwImprove formatting for `.VS' sections.
1999-07-26 mdwManipulate file descriptor flags.
1999-07-26 mdwSignal handling integrated into I/O system.
1999-07-26 mdwFiddling with environment variables.
1999-07-14 mdwPrevent some macros from re-evaluating their arguments.
1999-07-06 mdwBoring.
1999-07-06 mdwWonderful new version number.
1999-07-06 mdwDescribe installation of manpages.
1999-07-06 mdwVarious minor bugfixes.
1999-07-06 mdwHandle new manual page directory.
1999-07-06 mdwInitialize the manual page links and Makefile.
1999-07-06 mdwSimplify buffer-growing algorithm. Just double it...
1999-07-06 mdwComment out argument in structure definition.
1999-07-06 mdwPerl script to make `.so' links for all appropriate...
1999-07-06 mdwMakefile for manual page installation. Subtle and...
1999-07-06 mdwBoring.
1999-07-06 mdwNew manual pages.
1999-07-06 mdwAdd list of link pages to generate.
1999-06-20 mdwMore portability enhancements.
1999-06-20 mdwAdd a slew of manual pages.
1999-06-19 mdwWhoops. I'd left the type of the jump buffer as `sigjm...
1999-06-19 mdwMore sophisticated and excessive signal and alarm handling.
1999-06-17 mdwImprove portability for shift and rotate macros. 1.3.5
1999-06-06 mdwFix signal handling.
1999-06-01 mdwNew files for url-encoding and decoding.
1999-06-01 mdwAllow things to be looked up by just their caller-suppl...
1999-06-01 mdwFix nasty bugs in `dstr_vputf'.
1999-06-01 mdwMake the return type of `crc32' a `uint32' now that...
1999-06-01 mdwMake all the new bits.
1999-06-01 mdwNew addition: bit manipulation macros.
1999-06-01 mdwAnother version number bump.
1999-05-26 mdwRename symbols in line with newer conventions.
1999-05-26 mdwRemove redundant structure member.
1999-05-26 mdwFixes for stupid bugs.
1999-05-26 mdwAdd new `rest' argument for `str_split'.
1999-05-23 mdwInterface change to make the `conn' selector useful... 1.3.4
1999-05-22 mdwVersion number increment. This is becoming a nuisance.
1999-05-22 mdwFix end-of-file detection and error handling.
1999-05-22 mdwChange spelling of `multiplexor'. ;-)
1999-05-22 mdwFix bug which discarded initial portions of incomplete...
1999-05-21 mdwReorder the source files again, in an attempt to make... 1.3.3
1999-05-21 mdwDynamic string pool system, based on an idea from the...
1999-05-21 mdwTake advantage of the new dynamic string macros.
1999-05-21 mdwUse new `tv' macros. Fix ordering bug for timeout...
1999-05-21 mdwMoved most of the code into exported macros. The main...
1999-05-21 mdwFix the bugs in the new macros. (Whoops.)
1999-05-21 mdwOmitted version number changes from change log. Change...