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New files. Test cases for `bits.h'.
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2000-07-16 mdwNew files. Test cases for `bits.h'. 2.0.0pre3
2000-06-17 mdwVarious new source files. 2.0.0pre1
1999-12-12 mdwVersion bump.
1999-11-21 mdwVersion bump.
1999-11-11 mdwUse `libtool' to generate a shared library. 1.6.0
1999-11-11 mdwNew configuration system for library clients.
1999-10-22 mdwNew source files. New testing system for sym and dynarray.
1999-10-04 mdwLots of new source files.
1999-08-02 mdwDistribute new `hash' module.
1999-07-26 mdwNew source files.
1999-07-06 mdwVarious minor bugfixes.
1999-07-06 mdwHandle new manual page directory.
1999-06-01 mdwMake all the new bits.
1999-05-21 mdwReorder the source files again, in an attempt to make... 1.3.3
1999-05-17 mdwMore files added. Slight rearrangement of the ordering.
1999-05-15 mdwAdd simplified locking code.
1999-05-14 mdwIntegrated `select' handling bits from the background...
1999-05-06 mdwReformatted the LGPL notice a little bit. 1.2.0
1999-05-05 mdwChange licensing conditions to LGPL.
1998-11-25 mdwAdd `tv.c'and `tv.h' to the list.
1998-06-17 mdwInitial revision