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cleanup: All the whitespace fixes, all at once.
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2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: All the whitespace fixes, all at once.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2000-06-17 mdwInitialize the token buffer properly.
1999-12-10 mdwSupport for different sizes and types of integers.
1999-11-21 mdwAllow more characters to start words in test vector... 1.6.1
1999-11-16 mdwMark test types as constant.
1999-05-21 mdwTake advantage of the new dynamic string macros.
1999-05-19 mdwAesthetic changes: fix spelling of `initialize'; use...
1999-05-06 mdwReformatted the LGPL notice a little bit. 1.2.0
1999-05-05 mdwChange licensing conditions to LGPL.
1998-06-17 mdwInitial revision