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cleanup: All the whitespace fixes, all at once.
[mLib] / sel.c
2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: All the whitespace fixes, all at once.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2003-05-18 mdwRemove memory leak.
2003-05-17 mdw Tidying and bugfixing. 2.0.0
2001-06-22 mdwFix a large number of bugs.
2001-02-03 mdwEnsure that timers set to go off in the past don't...
2000-03-23 mdwRearrange timeout handling to avoid list corruptions.
1999-12-11 mdwFix comment formatting error.
1999-09-26 mdw(sel_select): Almost pointless efficiency tweak.
1999-08-31 mdwNew function `sel_force' to force a descriptor to be...
1999-08-19 mdwImplement hooks for foreign select-using systems (curre...
1999-05-21 mdwUse new `tv' macros. Fix ordering bug for timeout...
1999-05-15 mdwFix copyright notices.
1999-05-14 mdwIntegrated `select' handling bits from the background...