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buf: Fix two embarassing bugs found while writing Lisp bindings.
[mLib] / str.c
2006-04-13 Mark Woodingstr: New str_matchx function optionally reports possibl...
2006-04-13 Mark Woodingstr: Various whitespace cleanups.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2000-10-08 mdw(str_qword): Remove redundant definition of @STRF_QUOTE@.
2000-10-08 mdwNew quoted string handling and simple pattern matching.
1999-12-22 mdwSkip past trailing whitespace in str_getword.
1999-05-26 mdwAdd new `rest' argument for `str_split'.
1999-05-17 mdwSome trivial string hacks.