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Build: Overhaul build system.
[mLib] / bres-adns.c
2008-12-27 Mark WoodingBuild: Overhaul build system.
2007-01-28 Mark Woodingcleanup: All the whitespace fixes, all at once.
2005-10-18 mdwThe callback function can free the @bres_client@ struct...
2004-11-11 mdwFix free/xfree bug in adns support.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2004-04-03 mdwMake ADNS wait for the event loop before collecting...
2003-12-14 mdwQualify name given to @bres_byname@.
2003-12-13 mdwAdd adns support in background resolver.