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Expunge revision histories in files.
[mLib] / bits.h
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2001-01-20 mdwNew hack for storing 64-bit numbers in tables.
2000-10-08 mdwShut later versions of GCC up about use of @long long@.
2000-07-22 mdwAdded macros for reading 64-bit values.
2000-07-16 mdwAdd 64-bit support, with faked arithmetic on 32-bit...
2000-06-17 mdwSupport for 24-bit types.
1999-12-10 mdwChange header file guard names.
1999-06-20 mdwMore portability enhancements.
1999-06-17 mdwImprove portability for shift and rotate macros. 1.3.5
1999-06-01 mdwNew addition: bit manipulation macros.