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Simplify buffer-growing algorithm. Just double it each time.
[mLib] / dstr.c
1999-07-06 mdwSimplify buffer-growing algorithm. Just double it...
1999-06-01 mdwFix nasty bugs in `dstr_vputf'.
1999-05-21 mdwTake advantage of the new dynamic string macros.
1999-05-21 mdwImplement some more functions in terms of macros.
1999-05-13 mdwMisc documentation fixes. Change `-ise' to `-ize'...
1999-05-06 mdwReformatted the LGPL notice a little bit. 1.2.0
1999-05-05 mdwChange licensing conditions to LGPL.
1998-12-15 mdwNew functions `dstr_putf' and `dstr_vputf' which do...
1998-06-17 mdwInitial revision