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Various manual fixes.
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2005-10-18 mdwVarious manual fixes.
2005-09-23 mdwFix README and mLib.3 a bit.
2005-09-23 mdwFix distribution stuff.
2005-09-23 mdwImport buf from Catacomb; split out the dstr bits,...
2005-09-16 mdwMissing argument in sel_addtimer docs.
2004-09-28 mdwAdd base32 encoding and decoding.
2004-09-12 mdwExpunge CVS cruft.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2003-12-15 mdwAdd global unihash table; use universal hashing instead...
2003-12-15 mdwNew program to make fixed tables for universal hashing.
2003-12-14 mdwDistribute unihash manpage.
2003-12-13 mdwAdd adns support in background resolver.
2003-11-29 mdwDeclare and document @conn_fd@.
2003-11-29 mdwVarious stuff. 2.0.3
2003-11-29 mdwDocument hex encoding.
2003-11-29 mdwFile descriptor passing.
2003-11-09 mdwOoops. Fix distribution.
2003-11-09 mdwDocument crc-mktab a little.
2003-10-12 mdwVarious fixes.
2003-10-12 mdwUniversal hashing.
2003-05-16 mdwmaninst isn't shipped here.
2003-04-23 mdwVarious fixes.
2003-04-23 mdwNew manpage installer.
2003-04-23 mdwStray link page.
2002-01-30 mdwMissing function aliases.
2002-01-13 mdwDescribe ancient interface change on immediate failure.
2002-01-13 mdwPacket handler functions now have a @typedef@ name.
2002-01-13 mdwTrack interface change for @lbuf@.
2002-01-13 mdwPass line length to line handler function. Provide...
2002-01-13 mdwChange interface for @dstr_vputf@.
2001-03-10 mdwIgnore more manpages
2001-03-03 mdwNew macros @DA_FIRST@ and @DA_LAST@ for stack/queue... 2.0.0pre4
2001-02-23 mdwUpdate manual style.
2001-02-03 mdwNew feature: watch a file for changes.
2001-02-03 mdwInclude trace_custom.
2001-02-03 mdwDescribe custom interface.
2001-02-03 mdwFix minus sign.
2001-02-03 mdwNew manpages.
2001-01-25 mdwDocument new interrogation macros. Fix text a bit.
2001-01-25 mdwRefer to the correct memory allocator.
2001-01-25 mdwNew manpages.
2001-01-25 mdwInsert missing `NAME' section. Use a pleasant `>=...
2001-01-20 mdwTypo fixes.
2000-10-08 mdwMore generated files.
2000-10-08 mdwNew quoted string handling and simple pattern matching.
2000-10-08 mdwMinor typo fixes.
2000-07-21 mdwFix description of CRCs.
2000-07-16 mdwNew generated files.
2000-07-16 mdwNew manual pages.
2000-07-16 mdwPut some more so references in, and tidy the text a...
2000-07-16 mdwDocument the `pool' interface.
2000-07-16 mdwChange to arena `realloc' interface, to fix a design...
2000-06-17 mdwUpdate for new arena management.
1999-12-22 mdwFormatting mistake fixed. 1.6.2
1999-12-10 mdwSupport for different sizes and types of integers.
1999-11-05 mdwArgument naming changes. Describe naming conventions...
1999-10-29 mdwNew array adjustment macros for unsigned arguments.
1999-10-28 mdwMinor edits.
1999-10-27 mdwSilly grammatical mistake.
1999-10-22 mdwDescribe new manual pages.
1999-10-22 mdwDocument DSTR_INIT.
1999-10-22 mdwVarious little fixes.
1999-10-22 mdwNew manual page.
1999-10-22 mdwMore manual page stubs.
1999-10-04 mdwNew modules.
1999-10-04 mdwMinor tidyings.
1999-10-04 mdwNew function `pquis'.
1999-08-31 mdwNew function `sel_force' to force a descriptor to be...
1999-08-19 mdwDocument new features. Include types with tabulated... 1.4.0
1999-08-19 mdwInclude types with tabulated function arguments and...
1999-08-19 mdwBoring.
1999-08-02 mdwMore uninteresting manual pages.
1999-08-02 mdwDescribe new `hash' module.
1999-08-02 mdwRemove some unnecessary definitions.
1999-08-02 mdwBreak low-level hashtable code out from sym.
1999-07-30 mdwMinor tidying and typo correction.
1999-07-28 mdwAdd lots of references to manual pages, and fix a typo.
1999-07-28 mdwRemove spurious space from the synopsis section.
1999-07-27 mdwFixed typo in `NAME' section.
1999-07-26 mdwMore generated manual pages.
1999-07-26 mdwAdd references to new pages.
1999-07-26 mdwImprove formatting for `.VS' sections.
1999-07-26 mdwManipulate file descriptor flags.
1999-07-26 mdwSignal handling integrated into I/O system.
1999-07-26 mdwFiddling with environment variables.
1999-07-06 mdwBoring.
1999-07-06 mdwVarious minor bugfixes.
1999-07-06 mdwPerl script to make `.so' links for all appropriate...
1999-07-06 mdwMakefile for manual page installation. Subtle and...
1999-07-06 mdwBoring.
1999-07-06 mdwNew manual pages.
1999-07-06 mdwAdd list of link pages to generate.
1999-06-20 mdwAdd a slew of manual pages.