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2009-10-04 Mark Wooding*.pyx: Replace __new__ with __cinit__ like the program...
2009-10-04 Mark Woodingfdutils.pyx, str.pyx: Fix some stupid bugs.
2009-10-04 Mark Woodingarray.h: Fix typo in declaration of da_pysetup.
2009-10-03 Mark Woodingdebian: Switch to CDBS and support Python 2.6. 1.0.1
2009-10-03 Mark Woodingmdup.pyx: New support for mLib's glorious `mdup' function.
2008-09-21 Mark Update to use pkg-config.
2008-09-21 Mark Use re rather than deprecated sre module.
2008-09-21 Mark Woodingsig: Store the user function in the correct attribute!
2008-09-21 Mark WoodingFix qualified names for types supplied by C.
2008-09-21 Mark Woodingsel-timer: Pyrex now wants explicit truncations to...
2008-09-21 Mark WoodingExpunge trailing spaces
2008-09-21 Mark WoodingNew features covered.
2007-01-02 Mark Woodingbres: Ooops, this one was rather buggy.
2006-12-22 Mark Woodingsel-file: Fix stupid attribute-name bug.
2006-11-21 Mark Woodingdebian: Just the one Python version now.
2006-04-13 Mark WoodingInfra: Ignore the COPYING file.
2006-04-13 Mark Woodingstr: Support new prefix-matching feature in str_match.
2006-03-22 Mark Wooding_u32: Allow LONG_MAX to be stored in a Python int.
2006-03-21 Mark Woodingcodec: Use the correct variable name in the decoder...
2006-03-15 Mark Woodingurl: Support form-urlencoding functions.
2006-03-15 Mark Woodingstr: Support mLib's `str' functions.
2006-03-15 Mark Woodingmapping: Make the iterators conform to the proper inter...
2006-02-15 Mark Woodingdebian: Fix package sections.
2006-02-08 Mark Woodinginfra: Add a copy of the GPL.
2006-02-06 Mark WoodingExtract Subversion ignore data.
2006-02-06 mdwAcquire and release the GIL around select callbacks.
2005-10-18 mdwGeneral reorganization.
2005-10-13 mdwInitial import.