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debian/control: Add Build-Depends for `dh-python'.
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2016-02-18 Mark Woodingdebian/source/format: Apparently we're supposed to...
2013-06-16 Mark Woodingcodec.pyx: Interface to new codec machinery.
2013-06-16 Mark Woodingdebian: Abandon CDBS in favour of plain Debhelper.
2013-06-16 Mark Rewrite it because it was missing things.
2013-06-16 Mark WoodingOverhaul build system using new `cfd' machinery.
2009-10-04 Mark WoodingBuild system: use new CFD's
2009-10-03 Mark Woodingmdup.pyx: New support for mLib's glorious `mdup' function.
2006-02-08 Mark Woodinginfra: Add a copy of the GPL.
2005-10-18 mdwGeneral reorganization.
2005-10-13 mdwInitial import.