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descriptionA small Lisp utilities library
ownerMark Wooding
last changeWed, 20 Sep 2017 21:39:42 +0000 (22:39 +0100)
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingsys-base.lisp (set-command-line-arguments): Rewrite... master
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingoptparse.lisp: Fix spurious indentation after the usage...
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Export `case2' correctly.
2016-06-27 Mark Woodingoptparse.lisp: Fix stupid paren-positioning blunders.
2016-04-15 Mark WoodingMerge slippers:src/lisp
2016-04-15 Mark WoodingLots of tidying up.
2016-04-14 Mark Woodingsys-base.lisp: Support for newer `uiop'-based `cl-launch'.
2016-04-14 Mark Woodingsys-base.lisp: Use not-deprecated function for quitting...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodinganaphora.lisp: Rewrite `asetf' to use `with-places...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodinganaphora.lisp: Export symbols near their definitions.
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Rewrite `setf-default' using `with-place...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Move `with-places' to earlier in the...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Make locative slots be read-only.
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Export symbols near their definitions.
2015-10-21 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Fix `inline' proclamation for `ref'.
2015-10-21 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Refactor `with-places' incompatibly.
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