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2018-06-09 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.8. master 1.3.8
2018-06-09 Mark Woodingfwd: Improve `source' and `target' lifecycle management.
2018-06-09 Mark Woodingchan.c (chan_open): Actually initialize the error indic...
2018-06-04 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.7. 1.3.7
2018-06-04 Mark, inet.c, un.c: Portability fixes for 64...
2018-06-04 Mark Woodingdebian/control: Add missing build-dependency on `pkg...
2018-06-04 Mark Woodingidentify.c: Stash a copy of the caller's description...
2018-06-04 Mark Woodingidentify.c: Include <sys/resource.h> for `setrlimit...
2017-07-07 Mark Woodingdebian/source/format: Apparently you have to have one...
2016-02-05 Mark Woodingfwd.[ch]: Expose the program status flags globally.
2016-02-05 Mark Woodingfwd.c (fw_log): Report the timezone in log messages.
2016-02-05 Mark WoodingWhitespace fixing.
2016-02-05 Mark WoodingGive the magic `current time' constant used by `fw_log...
2013-06-29 Mark Woodingdebian: Abandon ancient `fw' package; replace CDBS...
2013-06-29 Mark WoodingUse new `mLib' function annotations.
2013-06-29 Mark Woodingfwd.c: Check return code from `chdir'.
2013-06-29 Mark Woodingexec.c: Fix a format string stupidity.
2013-06-29 Mark WoodingEliminate the `rlimits.h' header using scary macros.
2013-06-29 Mark Woodingconf.h, scan.h: Remove dead header files.
2011-12-08 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.6. 1.3.6
2011-06-11 Mark Woodingfwd.c: Actually accept the -q option.
2011-05-13 Mark WoodingBuild system: Add support for Automake's `silent-rules...
2011-05-13 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Autoconf machinery banished to the `config...
2011-05-13 Mark Woodingconf.c (conf_fname): Don't make `,' a filename character.
2011-05-13 Mark Woodingfile.c (file_read): Copy name when duplicating input...
2010-05-10 Mark WoodingVarious: Report errors encountered while doing channel...
2010-05-10 Mark Wooding.links: Add config/auto-version.
2009-01-04 Mark WoodingUse new mdup(3mLib) function.
2008-04-08 Mark WoodingMake the filename syntax more palatable. 1.3.5interim
2008-04-02 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'fwd' 1.3.5
2008-04-02 Mark WoodingRename entire project from `fw' to `fwd'.
2008-04-02 Mark Woodingsocket: New option accept-count.
2008-04-02 Mark Woodingblast: Fix segfault for immediate connection.
2008-04-02 Mark Woodingbuild: Actually compile the `blast' helper program.
2008-04-01 Mark WoodingMark this version as 1.3.0. 1.3.0
2008-04-01 Mark Woodingdebian: Provide an init script to run the daemon on...
2008-04-01 Mark WoodingConsolidate all the external definitions into a single...
2008-04-01 Mark Woodingbuild: Rewrite the build system to be nicer.
2008-04-01 Mark WoodingFix whitespace throughout.
2008-04-01 Mark WoodingRemove crufty CVS $Id$ tags.
2008-04-01 Mark WoodingDrop privileges after writing the pidfile.
2007-06-25 Mark Woodingsocket: Get address option defaults correctly.
2006-03-09 Mark Woodingdocs: Generate grammar and option summaries from manpage.
2006-03-09 Mark Woodingmanpage: Fix email address.
2006-03-09 Mark Woodinginfra: Clean up project setup
2006-03-09 Mark Woodingblast: Upper-case metasyntactic variables in the usage...
2006-03-09 Mark WoodingExtract Subversion ignore data.
2006-03-09 mdwFix email address.
2006-03-09 mdwFix stupidity.
2006-03-09 mdwArrgh. Another cock-up.
2006-03-09 mdwFix the manpage too.
2006-03-09 mdwFix up the help message.
2006-03-09 mdwProvide a `--pidfile' option in `fw'.
2006-03-09 mdwAutoconf and automake fixing.
2006-03-09 mdwExpunge CVS cruft.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2003-11-30 mdwFix source option prefix.
2003-11-29 mdwLittle formatting fixes.
2003-11-29 mdwAnd a typo fix.
2003-11-29 mdwFix bug in identification timout handling.
2003-11-29 mdwRequire mLib 2.0.3 for connection stuff.
2003-11-29 mdwDon't do priv separation if no priv connections to...
2003-11-29 mdwPrivileged outgoing connections.
2003-11-25 mdwUpdate docco for new options.
2003-11-25 mdwPreliminary bump to 1.2.7.
2003-11-25 mdwDebianization. Socket target options. Internet binding.
2003-10-31 mdwFix data corruption in channel\!
2003-05-17 mdwVersion bump. 1.2.6
2003-01-24 mdwFix bogus examples. Explain quoting rules for `exec...
2003-01-24 mdwCorrectly cast uid and gid sentinel values.
2003-01-24 mdwCorrectly cast uid and gid sentinel values. Parse...
2003-01-24 mdwDon't do resource limits on Cygwin.
2002-02-23 mdwFix stupid bugs from the listen(2) change.
2002-02-23 mdwFix spacing around full stops (at last!).
2002-02-22 mdwAdd option to change the listen(2) parameter. Receive...
2002-02-22 mdwAdd option to change the listen(2) parameter.
2002-02-22 mdwCall @xfree@ rather than @free@. Add option to change...
2002-02-22 mdwMiscellaneous tidying up, to make this code independent...
2002-02-22 mdwCall @xfree@ rather than @free@.
2002-02-22 mdw`fw'-specific configuration code moved out. This file...
2002-01-30 mdwInitialize scanner properly.
2002-01-13 mdwDelimiter-setting function names change.
2002-01-13 mdwMake delimiters be a property of a scanner.
2002-01-13 mdwConditional compilation for @getnetbyname@, since Cygwi...
2002-01-13 mdwTrack @dstr_vputf@ change.
2002-01-13 mdwTrack @lbuf@ changes in mLib.
2002-01-13 mdwCheck for @getnetbyname@, since it appears not to be...
2002-01-13 mdwMake delimiters be a property of a scanner. Change...
2001-06-22 mdwNew @conn_init@ interface.
2001-06-22 mdwEnlarge the identity buffer.
2001-02-23 mdwUpdate manual style. 1.2.5
2001-02-05 mdwMinor fixings to wording.
2001-02-03 mdwFix flags to be unsigned.
2001-02-03 mdwVersion bump.
2001-02-03 mdwSupport re-reading config files on SIGHUP.
2001-01-20 mdwHandle select errors more robustly.
2000-08-01 mdwVaguely useful tool for measuring the rate at which...
2000-08-01 mdwSwitch over to using `size_t' for socket address lengths.
2000-08-01 mdwRemove unnecessary <ctype.h> header.
2000-08-01 mdwInclude missing <mLib/alloc.h> header.