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descriptionFirewall scripts for
ownerMark Wooding
last changeSun, 2 Jul 2017 16:41:32 +0000 (17:41 +0100)
2017-07-02 Mark Woodingbase.m4: Improve LSB header to delay firewall shutdown. master
2016-10-22 Mark Woodinglocal.m4: gibson uses untagged packets for the unsafe...
2016-07-01 Mark Woodinglocal.m4: Designate `vpn' as `trusted' rather than...
2016-07-01 Mark Woodingnational.m4: Configure as an authoritative DNS server.
2016-07-01 Mark WoodingFinish the switchover to Andrews & Arnold.
2016-07-01 Mark Woodingfender.m4: Fix silly typo in comment.
2016-06-27 Mark Woodinglocal.m4: Prepare for switchover to A&A.
2016-06-27 Mark Woodinglocal.m4: Fix whitespace oddity.
2016-06-15 Mark Woodingfender.m4: Provide NTP service to untrusted clients.
2016-02-07 Mark WoodingNew host universe.
2015-10-01 Mark Woodinglocal.m4,, national.m4: New virtual host ...
2015-10-01 Mark Woodinglocal.m4: New address range for untrusted VPN hosts.
2015-05-11 Mark Woodingfunctions.m4 (ntpclient): Handle NTP servers with IPv6...
2015-05-11 Mark Woodinglocal.m4: Allow IPv6 ping separately.
2015-04-01 Mark Woodingtelecaster.m4: External SMTP service for mailing lists.
2015-04-01 Mark Remove orange and mango.
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