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descriptionSymbiosisware and data for generating episode playlists for my ripped DVDs.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeWed, 14 Jun 2023 23:51:28 +0000 (00:51 +0100)
2023-06-14 Mark Woodingdrwho.epls: Remove dummy episodes from incomplete extra... master
2023-06-14 Mark Woodingdrwho.epls: Use Loose telesnap reconstructions for...
2023-05-16 Mark Woodingnymphomaniac.epls: Add Trier's, err, controversial...
2023-03-04 Mark Woodingwestworld.epls: New stuffs.
2023-02-11 Mark Woodingwaking-the-dead.epls: Fix last episode title.
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingstrike.epls: Add new series.
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingref/*.m3u8: Add some belated reference files.
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingref/drwho.m3u8: Miscellaneous catchup.
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingref/*.m3u8: Add extras.
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingref/*.m3u8: Various typo fixes.
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingref/drwho*.m3u8: Switch to using telesnap reconstructio...
2023-01-15 Mark Woodingmkm3u: Allow explicit setting of series-name separator.
2023-01-12 Mark Woodingaeon-flux.epls: Add pilot episode.
2023-01-08 Mark Woodingaeon-flux.epls: Add playlist for new series.
2022-09-25 Mark Woodingdrwho.epls: Use telesnap reconstructions rather than...
2022-09-25 Mark Woodingmkm3u: Add support for individual MPEG4 video files.
11 months ago master